Nvidia's CloudXR Now Available on Google Cloud

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CloudXR is Nvidias real-time XR cloud streaming technology, available now via the Google Cloud through the Nvidia Virtual Machine Image and RTX Virtual Workstations.

XR streaming aims to solve the challenges of delivering XR content to less powerful devices such as smartphones and standalone headsets. CloudXR enables users to process resource intensive digital assets through Google Cloud.

This could significantly change the way 3D artists designs and sculpt 3D characters. 

Character creation is one of the most important skills of 3D artists, and 3D digital sculpting has become one of the preferred methods to achieve desirable results. Yet character creation is not only about sculpting.

The process can be complicated, going from a lump of digital clay to a fully textured and rigged digital character.

Nvidia’s CloudXR enables users of Mastepiece Studio Pro to revolutionize 3D sculpting workflow by empowering the 3D artists to work on a character face-to-face in virtual reality.

The revolutionary technology simplifies the design process from the state of primitive shapes all the way to fully textured and rigged 3D character. The process enables digital sculpting to be more fun and intuitive, and can help overcome complicated concepts in character creation. Masterpiece Studio utilizes AI technology to train Nvidia’s GPUs to assist 3D artist to complete complicated rigging tasks.

By using Masterprice Studio Pro, a 3D artist can work on a character at any scale by using familiar tools and hand movements to sculp a 3D model, as they would in the physical world using real clay figures. Drawing bones can’t be easier since the artist can simply reach into the limbs of his or her creature to place it.

Trying to accomplish this task in VR in past could result in some serious challenges. The setup process can be very complicated and requires space to place wall-mounted sensors, while getting tangled up better tethered wire cords that connects the VR headset and PC.

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The complication may easily disrupt the workflow of an artist or 3D artist teams working together in VR. Nvidia’s CloudXR resolves this pain point by getting rid of the chord entirely, enabling Masterpiece Studio Pro 3D artists to work along or together as a team via tetherless standalone VR headsets, such as the HTC Vive Focus 3, ditching the needs use a tracking station or dealing tedious VR space settings.  

The Nvidia CloudXR is now running on Google’s global low-latency fiber network, where users can launch a virtual workstation with Nvidia’s powerful GPU when needed. The VR application can be streamed directly onto you VR headset, equivalent to the experience of using a real physical workstation.

The advancement enables creators to work without a powerful PC, and to work remotely regardless of physical location to master their digital work anytime, anywhere in the world.

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