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Ocular EVA Pod Takes Your To Virtual Space City

Ocular EVA Pod – Augmented VR Project is virtual reality art installation project by artist Micah Ganske, the project launched this weekend at San Francisco’s Art Market.


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Ever since I watched “2001 Space Odyssey”, I was deeply fascinated by the romanticism of travelling and wandering in space. Not everyone can afford to travel with Virgin Galactic, but Ocular EVA Pod’s installation and video could provide a glimpse of how it feels like travelling in space.


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Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey made me fell in love with space. I wonder if Micah was somewhat inspired by it as well!


Ocular EVA Pod – Augmented VR Project takes you into the space city and the habitual environment on Oculus Rift. You would be riding a space shuttle through the space city’s O’Neil cylinder. A gigantic tube that’s ever spinning to create gravity for humans to live in the space habitat.



To make the experience more realistic and immersive, Micah Ganske went all the way and created a 3D printed sculptural cockpit / space station that users can grab on, that looks like the control panel of a space shuttle!






The virtual reality video was built by Unreal Engine with spacy and dreaming soundtrack by Ravaged Hearts.




According to Micah Ganske, he is going to make “Ocular EVA Pod” space travelling experience available via SteamVR’s platform, and all physical art piece from the installation are for sale through 101/Exhibit Gallery in los Angeles.



Source:Micah Ganske’s Youtube, Micah Ganske’s official website, Gizmodo


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