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Payscout Announces the Spin-off of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Payments Division: CyberDyme

Payscout LLC, an Inc. 500 online payments and merchant processing company, announced today that it has transferred its XR payments division to CyberDyme, Inc., a newly formed company. CyberDyme foresees XR as the next disruptive computing platform, similar to how e-commerce and m-commerce expanded consumer purchasing channels. CyberDyme develops software for XR by integrating new shopping experiences and frictionless payment technologies with existing enterprise retail and order processing platforms.

CyberDyme is the first company in the world to launch a live application that enables consumers to view, shop, and pay while immersed in Virtual Reality (VRcommerce). CyberDyme’s tools enable enterprise businesses to better connect with consumers, expand their audiences, and increase customer conversions through immersive storytelling. Merchants can utilize CyberDyme’s cost-effective modular VRshopping solution to display product content, manage real-time inventory, integrate card-brand payment wallets, and checkout with a simplified yet secure commerce system.

The Company began the development of its XR payments platform in 2017 and supports both traditional credit cards and new payment technologies, such as next-generation Visa Token Services (VTS) and direct integration with UnionPay International’s (UPI) SecurePlus platform, with access to over 7 billion cardholders around the world.

“Our team is accelerating the future of commerce. CyberDyme’s ground-breaking work in VRcommerce is attracting leading-edge Fortune 500 clients who are seeking new branded content experiences to better connect, inform, and convert customers,” said Juan Sotelo, CyberDyme President and Co-Founder. “CyberDyme is currently working with enterprise clients in various industries, including apparel, retail, travel, sports, entertainment, and non-profits, among others.”

“Payscout was so impressed with expansion and collaboration with Fortune 500 companies such as VISA and Accenture that the board felt it warranted a spin-off into CyberDyme. Payscout believes CyberDyme is positioned to drive the next biggest technological advance in commerce,” said Cleveland Brown, CEO of Payscout. “CyberDyme’s focus will position them to build a suite of products that will transform commerce and the consumer buying experience.”

About CyberDyme
CyberDyme builds commerce solutions for the next computing platforms: Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (Collectively known as Extended Reality: XR). We are focused on accelerating Tomorrow’s Commerce, Today. CyberDyme’s tools and virtual reality (VRcommerce) consulting services enable enterprise businesses to better connect with consumers, expand their audiences, and increase customer conversions through immersive storytelling. Our proprietary XRcommerce platform supports all major card brands securely and integrates with our modular VRshopping application.

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