Portl Unveils Life-Size, Glasses-Free Holographic Experience

A new holographic technology has been unveiled, which could hold great promise for many industries, including adult entertainment.

Stepping to the stage is the new startup Portl, with what looks like an oversized picture frame at 7’ tall, 4’4” wide and 2’9” deep, which can display live or prerecorded life-size 3D images of humans — complete with a realistic shadow effect — through the use of a custom, transparent 4K viewing screen.

According to the company, it can beam anyone from anywhere to anywhere else in real-time via the power of HoloPortation, or bring any late icon back to posthumously perform via the power of HoloResurrection, while specializing in all forms of hologram staging and production services.

The Portl website offers numerous demo videos and usage examples ranging from education to sports, entertainment to religious addresses — but what we all want to know is, “How can Portl be used for porn?”

The low-latency exhibited in the demo videos suggests that the cam world may want to tightly embrace this new technology, and while its initial cost and size may be prohibitive for in-home consumer use, it is easy to imagine cam studios catering to it — especially if the feeds are also suitable for standard “glasses required” AR viewing, as well as traditional platforms — and old-school brick-and-mortar “peep show” shops finding a new audience.

Enhancing its appeal for this application, the person being beamed will be able to see, hear and interact through an embedded audience-facing camera and stereo speakers, allowing for an enhanced two-way live show experience.

An integrated hard drive and media player along with USB and HDMI inputs enable the playback of pre-recorded content in addition to the live telepresence shows — while the dimmable interior lightbox provides an even light distribution with brightness settings for both daytime and nighttime use.

Altogether, Portl is one of the most interesting telepresence devices to come to the fore in 2020 and it may make inroads in adult as the technology becomes better known.

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