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Project Nautilus Kickstarter Campaign Terminated

Project Nautilus VR is, or shall we say was an exciting virtual reality project on Kickstarter. We have just learned that the funding project was cancelled due to the inability to confirm the delivery date for Kickstarter backers. The planned delivery schedule was unsuccessful.


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Nautilus VR’s original planned schedule


In case you haven’t heard of Project Nautilus VR, it is a project from California VR startup company Remotte LLC. Led by CEO Juan Barambones. The concept is simple and straightforward. Project Nautilus VR is aim to provide a underwater, fully immersive virtual reality experience using their head mounted display.


The Nautilus VR HDM’s concept is very similar to Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. Users simply plug their smartphone and start to experience the underwater virtual marine life. The HMD supports some smartphones including Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S5, and iPhone, it was unclear if they also support other smartphone models.



nautilus vr head mounted display hmd

A Great Virtual Reality Idea Fell Short On Kickstarter Funding

As surfers and swimmers, we actually liked the idea of the underwater headset, however, head tracking device and motion sensor seem to be missing from the Nautilus VR HDM. Imagine that you are swimming in the pool or ocean heading north, but in the virtual reality game or app that’s running on the Nautilus VR HMD you are actually heading south. That would be hilarious, wouldn’t it?

Issues For Underwater VR HMD

On the other hand, the Nautilus VR HMD doesn’t seem to address or tackle one of the biggest issues for many HMD such as Oculus, that you cannot switch between the virtual reality world and reality while wearing the head mounted device. What if you are using the HDM in a small pool? You might hit the pool and get hurt because you can’t see anything while you are swimming with a sea turtle or shark in a game or app.


Safety issue arose in between the differentt view from the HMD display and reality!

Safety issue arose in between the differentt view from the HMD display and reality!


The Nautilus VR Team

The Nautilus VR Team


The Nautilus VR team has even worked with biologist and divers to make sure the HMD works well underwater. The Nautilus VR HMD Product Specs is as follows:

90 degree FOV ( breathing tube )

Anti fogging lens system

Cooling system for smartphone

High quality lens

Materials: hypoallergenic silicone, polycarbonate and polypropylene

Universal waterproof case with certificate IP67.
For smartphone with screens from 4.7″ to 5.2″
Natural Breathing System.
Anti Fogging Lens System.
High quality crystal lens (25mm )

Nautilus was selected as one of the most  anticipated VR startup by The Next Web.

Nautilus was selected as one of the most anticipated VR startup by The Next Web.


The idea is great if Nautilus VR can solve the visibility and head tracking issues. The HMD can definitely be used for educational purpose to teach children about marine life and the amazing underwater ecosystem, and could also provide great fun for the entire family with under age kids who normally shouldn’t be in the deep ocean, not having to worry about the potential danger and threats in real world’s deep ocean.


For $49 reward package, Nautilus VR backpackers will receive a Nautilus VR HMD and life time access to all the content on Nautilus VR platform. The HMD estimated retail price was $199 USD. The Project Nautilus might re-launch in the future, we hope they can addresses the visibility and motion tracking issues, if it does, we would pledge.


For anyone who wants to launch their campaign on Kickstarter, there is a important lesson to learn from Nautilus VR. The momentum and buzz they had build was lost and wasted upon cancellation. Let’s wait and see if they can generate even more funding for their re-launch, best luck to Nautilus VR.

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