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Ramble VR: Guided Virtual Tourism In Bite Size

Ramble VR is an Oculus Mobile Jam submission by the Cubicle Ninjas, a virtual tour guide of cities around the world in “bite sizes!” The files can be downloaded here.


cubicle ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas is a multi-talented creative agency!


As an Oculus Mobile Jam submission, Ramble’s demo is made for Venice, namely, the “City of Masks” because of its historical annual carnival celebration, which dated back from the year of 1162. The idea is to enable and guide the users to discover and learn about the world’s most fascinating cities virtually.


ramble vr venice gear vr

Users are able to interact with object inside Ramble with a Samsung Gear VR touchpad!


historical facts in ramble vr tour

Historical facts and fascinating stories being told in virtual narrative!


Users are guided by audio of an gentleman that sounds like a professor with rounded glasses and mustache, 3D models, infographic, 360 degree photography, and interactive objects. Users can interact with objects such as the lion with wings using Samsung Gear VR’s touch pad, touch pad is also used as the tool to navigate vertically or horizontally inside Ramble’s virtual environment.


ramble vr cities sketch

When inside Ramble, to change scene or topic and move to another, users simply need to stare at the Ramble logo for a few seconds and will be directed to the next scene.


cubicle ninjas ramble vr mood board

Cubicle Ninjas’s inspiration moodboard, pretty nice!


Ramble by Cubicle Ninjas has combined virtual tourism, storytelling, and education all into one highly entertaining app. Users can enjoy their virtual tour while being educated via intriguing stories about the city in the form of virtual narrative. Definitely more interesting and engaging than watching TV, reading the same old text book, or sitting in a history class, wouldn’t you agree ?


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