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“Integration will enable players to connect, organise their own Reality Clash tournaments,win prizes and trade in-game items”

Reality Gaming Group has partnered with eSports app Gizer to offer tournament play for its mobile AR combat game, Reality Clash.

The partnership means Reality Clash players will be able to create and host tournaments, win prizes, generate team sponsorship, chat, leverage a built-in marketplace for in-game items and maintain a profile identity on the blockchain.

Reality Clash is a free-to-play game set to be released for iPhone and Android devices in 3Q18 that uses the phones camera to render an AR view of the world on-screen, with geolocation gameplay encouraging players to enter face-to-face combat with each other in real time.

The Gizer app is available on both the App store ( and Google Play store (

Morten Rongaard, Reality Gaming Group Co-Founder, said: We are excited to leverage Gizer to assist in building our fun, competitive community. With their cutting edge platform we can offer Reality Clash players competitive tournaments for prizes and sponsorship.

Gizer offers a social element, a marketplace element, and a profile identity on the blockchain. We look forward to working with the Gizer team, rolling out group tournaments and bringing AR content to their community.

Jonathan Kerstein, Gizer Co-Founder, added: Reality Clash is the type of envelope-pushing game were excited to work with for a number of reasons. Their use of AR in the mobile combat space will immediately broaden the selection of games available to the Gizer community. Our partnership will also enable Reality Clashs existing community to leverage Gizers event creation and discovery infrastructure, forming their own vibrant community within the Global Gaming Network from day one.

Reality Gaming Group recently ramped its development team with the hire of Fiddlesticks Co-Founder & BAFTA Breakthrough Brit awardee Henry Hoffman to work on the games underlying technology framework.

The company also expanded its development hub in the Philippines, which is charged with building the Reality Clash in-game weapons line-up. The blockchain-based Armory trading platform is being handled by the original brain behind Reality Clash, co-founder Morten Rongaard.

More information about Reality Clash and its Armory can be found at

About Reality Gaming Group

The Reality Gaming Group is the developer and publisher of mobile AR combat game Reality Clash, which is due for release in 3Q18 and utilises exciting blockchain technology. It is also the creator of a ground-breaking AR geo-location platform for mobile, which can be deployed across a huge range of content types. The Reality Gaming Group development team has more than 20 years experience across Mobile, PC, Console, AR and VR games platforms.

About Gizer

Gizer is a mobile eSports platform and social marketplace that bridges the gaps between the entire gaming community – Gamers, Hosts, Freelance Services, Businesses and Venues. Gizer provides opportunity to each party by connecting them through the various social interactions, competitive events, freelance services, and products found on the global gaming network.

The GZR Token (GZR) represents an unlockable profile item in an “unknown” state. Gamers can use the tokens to gain access to their Gizer Global Gaming Identity, or GG ID, by holding any amount of GZR in their wallet. The GG ID is a profile created on Gizer, which can be accessed by any game developers who adopt Gizer’s technology through the use of Gizer API’s. GG ID will consist of three parts: a customizable avatar, a gamertag, and gaming statistics. Headquartered in NYC, Gizer was founded in 2016. For more information, visit

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