ricoh theta 360 virtual camera

A Cool Device To Produce 360° Photos and Videos

At CES this year, we saw a number of 360-degree camera companies showcasing their latest VR products. This sexy looking Ricoh Theta was one that caught our attention, and we even saw the same camera inside Avegant’s private demo room for the Glyph.


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ricoh theta ultra thin camera


Ricoh Theta 360 Camera Product Spec

ricoh theta 360 camera spec


T.K. from the Ricoh Theta booth kindly demonstrated why producing 360° videos and photos is super easy with this compact and lightweight (3.3 oz) 360° camera. This device will allow you to shoot 360° photos, as well as videos (with sound) for up to three minutes. You can then view them on your smartphone or through the Samsung Gear VR headset.


ricoh theta 360 camera immersive view


Download their app, and these 360° photos can be wirelessly transferred to your smartphone within a matter of second via wifi. After transferring these images, you can easily share them on social media networking sites. You can also save the photos on to your phone and to view or share them in private.


Images uploaded to can be shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Microsoft Corporation’s Photosynth. IOS and Android free apps for viewing and capturing images.

amazing 360 full view ricoh theta pocket size


The Theta is also including an SDK to allow user to developer their own Ricoh Theta apps. This device is available for purchase on Amazon for $296.95 USD.


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