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Seek Unveils “Augmented Reality Anywhere,” Launches World’s Leading Mobile AR Community

Until now, Augmented Reality (AR) has mainly been for gaming and adventurer enthusiasts, with Pokémon Go giving us just a hint of what mobile AR can deliver. But with mobile AR becoming the primary driver of a $108 billion virtual reality (VR)/AR market*, it’s obviously a much larger market, poised to hit $96 billion by 2021. ** That’s why Seek, the world’s leading AR community, today announced the general availability of its free mobile app, which lets consumers and brands easily discover, experience, and share AR content in one social platform. Seek is available for download today on iPhone and Android devices.

Obstacles to Widespread AR Adoption
As technology companies and brands continue to struggle with an AR strategy, they have not been able to overcome challenges for mass consumerization by delivering lasting content engagement and brand value. Seek brings Mobile AR Anywhere to your smartphone, offering brand channels that enable businesses to build rich, lasting content and deliver it to an audience of 500,000 active users and growing, across 70 countries. Building on its success in location-based scavenger hunts during Beta, Seek is today unveiling its platform strategy for leveraging the smartphone as the gateway to untethered AR experiences.

Seek for Consumers
Seek lets Gen Zers, Millennials, families, and adventurers easily discover, experience and share AR content all within one app. There is no need to purchase expensive glasses or download multiple apps. Seekers can discover AR content on their personal newsfeed and create rich AR profiles, avatars, videos, and portals that friends can explore and interact with.

Pop culture and social media phenom Danielle Cohn has more than 10 million followers across, Instagram and YouTube, and is the first digital-first celebrity and pop culture influencer to join and welcome her fans around the world to experience her music, videos, and other premium content on Seek. “I’m always aiming to be on the cutting-edge as an early adopter of exciting emerging technologies, discovering new ways to share my passion projects and favorite brands with my followers and bring them into my world,” said Danielle Cohn. “I am working closely with Seek to create special and exclusive content and immersive AR experiences for my amazing fans.”

Seek for Brands
With new sponsored landing pages and channels, Seek provides brands with one central place for all of their AR content. Lionsgate and Samsung recently signed on to create their own channels on the platform and lead the way in offering meaningful AR content to their customers and fans. Brands can use Seek’s software development kit (SDK) or its world-class development team to build custom AR content to publish to their page or promote a location-based campaign using Seek’s map. Brands can also sponsor content that lives long term in Seek. From branded clothing and objects to other customer AR content, Seekers can adopt brands and integrate their content into their identities. Companies like Cinemark and Universal Pictures already trust and use Seek to drive engagements, including movie trailer views, shopping decisions and foot traffic to physical locations like movie theaters, retailers and amusement parks.

“Seek is the ‘YouTube of AR’,” said Jon Cheney, CEO of Seek. “We are delivering on the promise of AR by making it easy for any smartphone owner to discover, publish and share rich AR experience. We are thrilled to be working with Lionsgate, Samsung and Danielle Cohn to offer AR experiences that drive fan visits, sales and engagement to a new level. At the same time, we give users the ability to make their own AR space as only they can.”

About Seek
Seek is the only platform dedicated to publishing, discovering and sharing rich, mobile augmented reality (AR) content that delights and excites users. It enables brands and creators to unlock the potential of AR by acting a single hub for content to be published, explored and enjoyed on an ongoing basis, creating meaningful lasting engagement opportunities with customers and fans. With a community of 500,000 users and growing, Seek combines the sharing capabilities of social networking with the meaningful experiences of mobile AR to provide a destination for any smartphone owner to experience all AR has to offer.

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