Sony Project Morpheus Debuts In Shanghai Before China Joy Expo

Sony Project Morpheus Debuts In Shanghai Before China Joy Expo

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia held a pre-China Joy Expo “Playstation China Press Conference – All For The Gamers” today at Shanghai.


playstation game press conference

70+ Playstation games is launching in China


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On top of Project Morpheus and exclusive VR games announcement, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia announced that Playstation is launching 70+ new games for China market.


project morpheus games

Four VR games will be at China Joy Expo as demos, including exclusive VR game title – SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU

Four Project Morpheus VR Game Demos @ China Joy Expo

China Joy Expo starts on July 20, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia and Project Morpheus prepared four VR demos including SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU 初音未來 Project: VR Tech demo, SUMMER LESSON (2015 Summer Demo), THE DEEP, and THE PLAYROOM VR (Monster Escape.)


Below is an exclusive interview with Yoshida Shuhei, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Conducted by 36KR.


Yoshida Shuhei @ Pre-China Joy Expo Playstation China Press Conference

Yoshida Shuhei, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios

Yoshida Shuhei Exclusive Project Morpheus Interview By 36KR Team

36KR: What is Project Morpheus’s product positioning?


Yoshida Shuhei: Many people think that Project Morpheus is an accessory to PS4, the truth is that Project Morpheus is a new system, and both happen to work well together. In fact, Sony see PS4 as a park of Project Morpheus, both products were planned and designed simultaneously. We just launched PS4 first.


Project Morpheus is still at version 1, Sony is trying our best to bring the product to the fans, we are testing internationally, to make sure the product is improving.


36KR: When Project Morpheus launches, how many games will be available?


Yoshida Shuhei: It is hard to give a number, I am familiar with Sony’s own game, but we are always encouraging indie game developers to join us. So we cannot say for sure how many games will be ready for the Project Morpheus launch.


At this time, there are developers creating games for Oculus VR, Oculus and Project Morpheus are both PC based games, those PC games can be migrated to Project Morpheus. In the past, someone has migrated Oculus games to Project Morpheus within just two days, but it needs to refined and optimized.


36KR: Which input method will Project Morpheus use?


Yoshida Shuhei: There are several input methods. First is head tracking, for example if you move your head to any direction, it will reflect in the game.


Second, PS4’s game controller is a power input device. PS Move is also another option. Project Morpheus also support external input devices.


36KR: When will Project Morpheus launch and what is the price?


Yoshida Shuhei: The global launch time is the same, which will be in the first half of 2016, and we are not sure which country will launch first. In fact, we don’t have a firm launch time, and price has not been confirmed.


Content & Image Source: 36KR, A9VG, Power Apple


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