MR mixed reality guideThe Comprehensive Guide to XReal Air 2 Pro Glasses: A New Horizon in Augmented Reality

As the digital landscape continually evolves, the introduction of the XReal Air 2 Pro glasses marks a pivotal moment in augmented reality (AR) technology. Following the fervor ignited at CES 2024, XReal’s innovative offerings have significantly piqued the interest of both consumers and enterprise users alike. The anticipation surrounding the forthcoming XReal Air 2 Ultra glasses further highlights the brand’s impactful presence in the AR sphere. Nonetheless, the current lineup, spearheaded by the Air 2 Pro, provides an invaluable entry point into augmented reality, blending affordability with cutting-edge technology.

An In-Depth Exploration of the XReal Air 2 Pro Glasses

Positioned at a competitive price point of approximately $500, the Air 2 Pro glasses do not feature the spatial computing prowess of their Ultra successors but stand out with their array of features designed to enrich the AR experience. These glasses boast birdbath optics, electrochromic dimmable lenses for customizable lighting control, and an impressive resolution of 1920×1080 pixels per eye. Weighing merely 72g and offering a 46-degree field of view, they ensure both comfort and an immersive visual experience. The addition of USB-C connectivity, diverse nose pad options, and light shields further enhance their user appeal.

Design and Comfort: A Cut Above

The Air 2 Pro glasses maintain XReal’s signature aesthetic, mirroring the look of traditional eyewear while incorporating advanced AR capabilities. Despite a marginally bulky frame, these glasses are notably lightweight and comfortable, courtesy of adjustable nose pads and temple tips. They accommodate prescription lenses and include a snap-on shade for a deeper immersion into augmented realms.

Visual Performance: A Vivid Journey

The visual fidelity of the Air 2 Pro glasses is bolstered by Sony micro-OLED displays, projecting a virtual 130-inch screen with high definition clarity. The electrochromic dimming feature, coupled with the optional XReal Beam for wireless content projection, allows for a personalized and dynamic display, enhancing the overall user experience.

Audio and Accessories: Complementing the Visuals

The integrated stereo speakers deliver a satisfactory audio experience with minimal sound leakage, although they may not entirely replace high-quality headphones. The absence of an internal battery necessitates external power sources or the additional acquisition of the XReal Beam for prolonged usage.

AR Features: Broadening Perspectives

While lacking the comprehensive spatial computing features expected in the Ultra model, the Air 2 Pro glasses support three degrees of freedom tracking, enabling basic interaction with 360-degree content. However, the Nebula app’s performance issues underscore the need for software enhancements within XReal’s ecosystem.

Verdict: The XReal Air 2 Pro Glasses Unveiled

The XReal Air 2 Pro glasses excel in visual clarity, ergonomic design, and innovative dimming capabilities, establishing themselves as a formidable option for those bridging the gap between traditional eyewear and augmented reality. Despite the absence of advanced AR functionalities and occasional performance setbacks, these glasses offer a compelling proposition for affordability and current capabilities. As the AR landscape continues to unfold, the XReal Air 2 Pro glasses stand as a testament to XReal’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality, promising an exciting future ahead.


  • Exceptional visual clarity and brightness
  • Customizable viewing experience with electrochromic dimming
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for comfortable extended wear
  • Competitively priced within the AR market


  • Audio quality may diminish at higher volumes
  • Limited advanced AR functionalities
  • Need for refinement in the Nebula app for a smoother user experience

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