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The Night Cafe -Virtual Environment of Vincent Van Gogh

The Nigh Cafe is one of the entries of Oculus Mobile Jam. For more information please visit this website.

There are so many great entry submissions, but The Night Cafe is among one of my personal favorites!

I was always fond of post-impressionism painting, and Van Gogh’s Sunflower and Starry Night are two paintings that in my personal humble opinion, represents the style.

The Night Cafe is an immersive tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, that allows users to explore his world and even walk inside his bedroom. What’s so cool about it, especially if you recognize some of Van Gogh’s paintings, is that they are seamlessly blended into the same virtual environment.

Inside “The Night Cafe” there were Van Gogh’s bedroom, stars from Starry Night, Scene from The Night Cafe, Van Gogh’s melancholic self-portrait and much more that are in the backdrop or details.

van gogh vr sunflower

Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, 1888

immerisive bed room van gogh

Bedroom in Arles, 1888

vr night cafe van gogh

The Night Café, 1888

oculus mobile jam the starry night van gogh

The Starry Night, 1889

According to the creator Mac Cauley, The Night Cafe is a virtually immersive environment for users to just wander around and enjoy. It is also Mac Cauley’s experimentation of how 3D rendering could be experienced through virtual reality technology.


The experimental outcome is highly enjoyable! The Night Cafe definitely wins our votes in the Oculus VR Jam!

Image & Content Source: Oculus VR Jam, Mashable, Open Culture

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