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The VOID Virtual Entertainment Center Opens In Pleasant Grove, Utah

The VOID Virtual Entertainment Center (VEC) is set to open in 2016 in Q3 during September or October. According to The VOID, the first VEC will open in Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA.


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The First VOID Virtual Entertainment Center ( VEC )

The first VEC will have seven large 18 x 18 meters rooms that can each fit up to ten people. Players will be gaming from a VR helmet / headset with 180 degree field of view and full-body motion tracking with haptic feedback!

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Quotes From The VOID Chief Creative Office Curtis Hickman ( via Curbed )

“In these fantasy worlds, you have the potential to do outrageous things. From an architecture perspective, it’s incredible. You can design things that the physics of this world wouldn’t allow.”


“You know what augmented reality is?” says Hickman. “We’re the opposite. That’s taking the real world and enhancing it with virtual reality. We’re taking the virtual world and enhancing it with reality.”


“Physical space is the one commodity you can’t reproduce at home!”


dimension one

The VOID is a truly immersive experience that invites you to utilize all of your senses and get fully immersed!


The highly anticipated VR entertainment center has two VR experiences ready. The first one “Dimension One” is a deep exploration into a temple in a jungle. Besides numbers of immersive details, a functioning ancient elevator and fire that sends off realistic heat have been added to intensify the immersive gaming experience.


research facility experience


The second experience is the futuristic “Research Facility” experience, a multiplayer game that enables you and your team to track down and hunt aliens the wild style! All players will appear as space marines from the galaxy within The VOID’s mixed reality game environment. In The VOID’s own words, “This is the stuff dreams are made of.”


The VOID Unreal Tournament Arena

The VOID VR team continues to explore more possibilities and dishing out fascinating VR experiences! The VOID takes Unreal Tournament” content as their inspiration and created “Unreal Tournament Arena” in The VOID style!


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Players, gamers and Unreal fans will be immersed in an incredibly surreal Unreal universe, familiar or beloved game and VR experiences that you might have experienced on various platforms for years. You would be able to re-experience it within a realistic virtual environment.


unreal tournament


poly defense

Codename: Poly Defense

Another mysterious new experience with the codename “Poly Defense” is currently in the making at The VOID Lab! The VOID is keeping tight-lips on this particular magical VR experience. No further detail has been announced…


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the void experience


The VOID’s vision is not just to create a VR gaming theme park or a virtual reality entertainment center. What The VOID has in mind is to create a total experience, an experience that begins the second that you walk through it’s mysterious door.


the void national geographic

The VOID Team hanging out with Eric Berkenpas and his amazing tech team at National Geographic HQ


The magic journey starts immediately. Sounds like The VOID is going to use a crystal magic wand and cast a VR spell on every visitor, well, I can’t say no to that, let the hero’s journey begin! Mixed reality, new reality or however you wish to call it, we can’t wait!


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