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ThirdEye Launches X1 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses & Enterprise Software

ThirdEye Gen, Inc. has started the shipping of its X1 Smart Glasses, a powerful workplace Augmented Reality (AR) mobile computing device, and AR software to enterprises and small businesses.

With more than 20 years of augmented reality development expertise for the U.S. DoD, ThirdEyes products are transforming the education, sports, media and consumer spaces.

The New Jersey-based company leverages the next-generation platform to develop, test and solve the most complex challenges faced across industries today using Augmented Reality. Starting with ThirdEyes integrated hardware/software, the platform gives users a hands-free UI and the equivalent of a 90 HD Screen at 10 ft. along with replaceable batteries for a full work-day of power. The paired X1 Smart Glasses feature a wide array of applications that make routine and complex tasks far more intuitive for every entreprise, from industrial centers and healthcare to law enforcement.

Augmented reality is bringing a new era of interaction to our world – whether by placing digital information into your field of view or connecting via IoT said Nick Cherukuri, President of ThirdEye Gen. The opportunities for our integrated technologies are endless for our customers. Our shipments today are on their way to empower businesses to become more efficient and enhance todays realities.

Stetson University, a small private college in central Florida, is already using the X1 Smart Glasses to enhance campus tours. ThirdEyes customized CampusTour platform provides university vistors with a larger-than-life tour experience, as information about university academics, campus life and history is animated across the screen while walking the grounds. Prospective families from around the world can receive the same 3D campus experience with a point-of-view feature that connects with an on-campus user through live audio and video communication.

“ Thirdeye will revolutionize our outreach to visitors in ways we cannot do simply by offering a standard tour,” says Joel Bauman, vice president for enrollment at Stetson University. We plan to use this technology to enable students – who cannot afford a trip to Florida – to become engaged in the life of our campus, and parents also can feel more assured of where they are entrusting their child to attend.

The technology has also made its way into individual classrooms at Stetson, bringing science classrooms to life by providing a deeper view into lessons about the solar system and human anatomy.

With shipments officially hitting the market today, the sky is the limit in terms of the opportunities ThirdEyes technologies will bring to new users and industries worldwide. For additional information, please visit or contact

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