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Vertebrae Introduces a New Augmented Reality Shopping Experience for Retail

Vertebrae, a technology innovator in interactive 3D and AR solutions, today announced the launch of Axis, a breakthrough augmented commerce platform for retail. With Axis, retailers can rapidly transform their existing site with 3D and AR experiences that allow customers to fully visualize and try out any number of virtual products as they research and buy. Axis makes it easy to create, manage, integrate and measure high-fidelity 3D assets at scale across any digital shopping environment, helping retailers exceed customer expectations while dramatically reducing the production time and costs associated with AR.

“As virtual experiences move into the mainstream, retailers can no longer afford to approach AR as a novelty or one-off experiment” said Vince Cacace, founder and CEO of Vertebrae. “The key to success is to meaningfully integrate AR into the commerce experience to drive conversion and sales and ensuring AR is available to any shopper, on any device, anywhere they want to shop – not simply on an app. The Axis platform simplifies the delivery of high-fidelity 3D assets within existing ecommerce environments, giving consumers new levels of confidence in their purchasing decisions.”

Augmented Commerce for All
Consumer data shows AR is on the brink of mainstream adoption with nearly half (48%) of consumers reporting they would be more likely to shop at a retailer that utilized AR. Despite consumer appetite, a poor user experience and lack of quality 3D content are the two biggest roadblocks to AR development and adoption (eMarketer, Oct 2018). Today, only 5% of marketers are using AR technology regularly (Forrester, Nov 2017), and few if any of these initiatives have scaled.

As Google, Apple, Facebook and others make strategic moves to ensure AR is available to everyone regardless of device, OS or channel, the next frontier for retail is seamless, web-based AR shopping experiences. Axis advances AR adoption and business results by placing a powerful end-to-end immersive media technology solution in the hands of retailers for the first time ever. The innovative platform is built from the ground up to allow retailers to create and manage high-fidelity 3D content at scale, and meaningfully integrate these assets into any existing digital commerce environments to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

“With Vertebrae and the Axis platform we’re now able to provide our customers with the ability to virtually try on hats on our site – up close, at any angle, on their very own head,” said Carson Finkle, CEO at Tenth Street Hats. “Vertebrae’s technology solves the friction problem of requiring our customers to download an app in order to have an AR product experience, and handles the hard work of delivering AR to any device or operating system so that we can focus on delighting our customers.”

Vertebrae Axis: Features & Benefits
The innovative Axis platform accelerates the production and availability of Web-based AR experiences, allowing retailers to bring AR and 3D directly into the purchase path to drive satisfaction and sales. Retailers can easily turn product catalogs into high-fidelity, customizable and reusable 3D models that are managed, integrated, and measured within existing product workflows. Axis delivers immediate conversion gains by building consumer confidence in purchase decisions, as well as drives long-term business impact by providing new insights to inform product, marketing, and merchandising strategy.

About Tenth Street Hats
Founded in 1921 by Jack Dorfman and Arthur Hyman as part of Dorfman Pacific, Tenth Street Hats delivers leading-quality hats to customers all over the world. Family-owned and operated, the brand features men’s and women’s hats handmade with the best materials, people and partnerships. Based in Stockton, CA, Tenth Street has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Mexico, and Europe resulting in each hat having a worldly touch, matched with local character.

About Vertebrae
Vertebrae is a technology leader in immersive media solutions that blend the physical and digital worlds to captivate and engage consumers at scale. Leading retailers, brands and agencies use the Vertebrae platform to create, manage and deliver high-fidelity 3D and AR experiences on the web – driving unprecedented engagement, satisfaction and sales. Founded in 2015, Vertebrae’s clients include Crate and Barrel, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Amgen, Tenth Street Hats, and many more. Vertebrae is headquartered in Santa Monica with offices in New York. For more information, visit

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