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Virtual Reality Ginger Will Stream All 30 Official Oculus Rift Launch Titles

After his idea was met with great enthusiasm from the Oculus community on Reddit, a tech-savvy YouTuber named Ian Pribyl (aka Virtual Reality Ginger) was happy to announce his plan to host a 30-hour long playthrough of 30 Oculus Rift games. The livestream event ‘’Ginger vs. Rift’’ will start on April 16, and will also feature community questions and answers.

Pribyl in his ‘’war room’’




‘’I asked the Oculus community on Reddit if they were interested in a 30 hour livestream where I spend one hour with each official Oculus launch title. The post got upvoted to the number two spot and the consensus was pretty clear – people wanna see it.’’ Pribyl said in a video announcement. The ambitious one-man show will start with the VR space shooter ‘’EVE: Valkyrie’’ and finish with three horror games – ‘’Albino Lullaby’’, ‘’Dead Secret’’ and ‘’Dreadhalls’’.

‘’I intentionally put horror games at the end of the lineup,’’ Pribyl said ‘‘I’ll be delirious, and hopefully the sleep deprivation will make them that much more entertaining to watch!’’

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The event will be broadcasted live via YouTube and Twitch on Saturday, April 16 at noon CDT.

  • Viewers will also get to see and discuss action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, racing, RPG, sports and strategy virtual reality games.
  • Each gaming hour will feature 45 minutes of gaming and 15 minutes of community discussion.
  • For those interested in the technical aspects of virtual reality streaming, Pribyl described his ‘’war room’’ setup – it includes a 23″ ASUS monitor, ASUS ROG G20CB-WS71 “Oculus Ready” PC, a webcam, lighting, green screen, primary microphone, backup microphone and Oculus Rift headset, sensor, remote and controller. Also, cables. Lots and lots of cables.


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About Virtual Reality Ginger:

Ian Pribyl (aka Virtual Reality Ginger) is a serial entrepreneur and a tech enthusiast whose mission is to help people understand and relate to virtual reality. VirtualRealityGinger.com is a trade name of Pribyl Ventures, LLC, a limited liability company organized in Texas.

More info at http://virtualrealityginger.com/ and the VR Ginger YouTube channel.

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