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Virtual X – A Conceptual VR Sex Toy/Art Project by Marta Dunjó

The debate about VR porn has been about VR porn’s potential negative side-effects and issues such as to have user hooked on it like an addiction, because it is more immersive and realistic, and whether or not watching VR porn and using interactive sex toys should be considered cheating? However, VR porn can also help people with extreme, abusive fantasies and sexual desires.

virtual x sex toy

Virtual X: Thuom, Suna and Avigan are made with glossy black rubber and plastic!


Central Saint Martins graduate Marta Dunjó has developed a conceptual VR sex toy and art kit that is aiming to explore the possibilities of using VR to satisfy and rehabilitate people with extreme sexual fantasies!

“The project began with my interest in VR and its impact in society,” she told Digital Trends. “One of the first industries to begin investing in the technology was the pornography industry and I began to explore what the industry looks like today and how VR might create a shift in its production, distribution and consumption. Currently, the internet has normalized and facilitated access to extreme pornographic imagery, such as simulated rape scenes towards women. My aim was to understand if hardcore pornographic experiences in VR would become an outlet for deviant behaviours so people can satisfy and explore these types of fantasies, or rather if it would become a trigger for these impulses to happen in real life.”

Marta’s VR sex toy idea originated when she heard about VR and its applications in the adult entertainment industry, and during her extensive research, Marta discovered that how hardcore pornographic imagery can help to neutralize and normalises sexually deviant behaviours. So she began to question how virtual reality could help the issue or make it even worse.

“Early research in VR proves that there are certain experiences that have an impact on the human psyche, so through my project, I wanted to understand what would be the impact in our society of accessing certain extreme sexual fantasies in VR – in this case, rape,” she told Dezeen.


“I wanted to know if VR will just become another way of experiencing and exploring sex and act as an outlet for certain sexual drives, or if it might become a trigger for these acts in reality.”

Marta Dunjó created three objects to be used with VR headset, with the codename: Thuom, Suna and Avigan. All of them made with glossy black rubber and plastic, which are based on the three orifices by which the UK Law defines the act of rape.

“I focused more on the objects that would facilitate the rape experience in VR rather than the experience itself,” said the designer. “My idea is that these objects would be connected to a VR headset through which the users would see and hear the experience, but the objects would complete it through the sense of touch.”


“It’s relevant to predict these scenarios before they take place in our society. If current hardcore pornography were to move into a virtual domain tomorrow, what would be the impact on society? Would deviant sexual behaviour be encouraged or would it simply just become a mechanism to explore and entertain sexual fantasies that are illegal and immoral in the virtual world?”

According to Marta, the Virtual X project is only conceptual project at this time, that she has no future plan to bring make it a product for the market.

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