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VisiSonics RealSpace: Virtual Reality Gaming & Entertainment Audio Solution

VisiSonics is a Maryland based startup that specializes in 3D & virtual reality sound engineering and VR camera system. VisiSonics’s technology is licensed to Oculus Crescent Bay, and judging from Crescent Bay demo experience from CES and SVVR 2015, the 3D audio experience was superb!


3D audio visisonics audio camera

The RealSpace 5/64 Panoramic Audio Camera System with custom case.


VisiSonics’s RealSpace tools and equipment is the most advanced system in 3D audio capture and analysis. RealSpace Audio Panoramic Camera can capture, measure and analyze spatial 3D sound audio in any real-world environment.


The automotive industry has been a big focus for VisiSonics over the past. Car companies like Tesla are currently utilizing VisiSonic technology to develop a smooth quiet riding experience, by identifying source and lowering cabin noise with their camera system. VisiSonics is currently working closely with several different industries, including architecture acoustic, security industry, and academic institutes.


CEO Ramani Duraiswami & CTO Adam O'Donovan

President & Co-founder Ramani Duraiswami & CTO Adam O’Donovan Image Source: Biz Journal

VisiSonics is the only company with a physics based engine, which is based on 13 years of research on how human process sounds.

As major players such as Jaunt VR, Dreamwork, and Paramount are entering into the cinematic VR space, what is really missing now is a body of audio solution that matches that video track to create an fully immersive VR experience.


A core areas of R&D VisiSonic is focusing on bridging the gap between the traditional post-processing world, providing a tool much like the RealSpace 3D engine for gaming, by integrating into existing work flow for cinematic VR. This is probably a key reason why Oculus decided to license VisiSonics technology versus similar competitors in the area of 3D audio space.


VisiSonics RealSpace Audio Camera is built with microphone and full spectrum camera arrays over the surface of an 8 inch aluminum sphere, alongside with internal electronics to calibrate and synchronize audio and visual data capture.




VisiSonics provides advanced 3D audio solution that is lacking in current virtual reality industry as a whole. Truly an unique, viable solution with real-time acoustic signal processing algorithms combining computer vision and machine learning on GPU equipped platforms!


The goal for VisiSonics is licensing their technology so that developers work on or for any platform, with any SDK, will have the opportunity to provide a full-on 360 spatial eyes, with pinpoint accuracy directional experience on the audio pieces.

Free beta version of the RealSpace 3D for Unity is currently available here.

VisiSonics: 64 Microphones For High Fidelity 3D Sound Capture

RealSpace Audio Camera comes with different configurations, for example, RealSpace 5/64 is built with 64 microphones and 5 video cameras (1328×1048 pixels.) 15/64 configuration is actively being used in research but is not currently available for the market before determining a proper application.


When it comes to entertainment and gaming, 2 factors that matters the most, that are visual and audio. Virtual reality industry as a whole hasn’t been addressing the audio issue with a permanent and prominent solution, this is where VisiSonics’ advanced technology comes into play, providing an amazing killer audio that works back to back with the visual inside the immersive virtual environment!


Let’s go for a test drive, a decent pair of “headphones” is required for the experience!

headphone required 3d audio virtual experience

This dreamy and surreal sounding demo will definitely appeal to gamers and new age and ambient music fans alike, I felt like I needed to shut my brain and close my eyes immediately and start meditating, we really enjoy this demo!

VisiSonics Provides Audio Solution For VR Gaming & Entertainment

Which only makes more sense, now the audio in VR games can be customized to match the virtual environment and different scenarios, making the gaming or entertaining experience more realistic!


VisiSonics’ bold statement sums it up: “As good as being there,” that’s how we have all envisioned the future of virtual reality gaming and entertainment, a flawless, truly and fully immersive virtual experience!”


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