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VRIDEO: Immersive 360 Video Platform @ Santa Monica

Update: VRIDEO is one of the first 360 video social platform. The platform was found in 2015, and had raised around $2 million funding in early 2015 from investors.

Unfortunately, VRIDEO closed its door and went out of business in November 2016. Therefore we had to delete all below broken video links below. For top collections of Youtube 360 videos, check out our 360 Video Main Archive.

VRIDEO, a Santa Monica based immersive 360 degree video distribution platform for virtual reality, founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Alex Rosenfeld and Kuangwei Hwang.

VRIDEO was founded to address the needs of the growing community of producers looking to distribute immersive VR video and the growing audience of consumers looking to discover immersive video.

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The company aims for its platform to be independent and hardware-agnostic, and thus not limited to any single virtual reality headset.
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Virtual Reality Reporter’s First 360 Video Experimentation Stitched By VRIDEO

VRIDEO is also the first immersive video distribution platform to support fulldome content natively. Dome master (fisheye) format can easily be converted to high resolution video and uploaded to the site as well as the standard Sphere (Equirectangular) and Cylindrical formats.

The active platform supports both immersive videos and animations that are panoramic if not fully spherical or stereoscopic. The videos uploaded can be enjoyed and accessed with or without a VR headset.

Users can view and interact with the videos on PC, MAC and mobile devices. The platform also provide simple iFrame code as embedded format for users to share across the web. We have selected some of our favorite 360 videos as below. Enjoy ~

Vrideo Is Supported By Multimedia Technology Professionals

VRIDEO is supported by a team that includes media and technology professionals hailing from such companies as Amazon, AMD, CAA, Cisco, Fox, JPMorgan, Live Nation, Machinima, RSA Films, Ubisoft, WayForward, and ZEFR, and from such schools as Harvard Business School, Parsons School of Design, Princeton, Savannah College of Art and Design, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UC Berkeley, and USC.


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VRIDEO Received Seed Funding Of $1.8 Million

VRIDEO announced a seed funding of $1.8mm from leading media-focused venture capital firms in Los Angeles and New York, including Lerer Hippeau Ventures; Advancit Capital; Red Sea Ventures; Betaworks; MESA+; Metamorphic Ventures; Allen DeBevoise, Co-founder & Chairman of Machinima; Tamim Mourad, Co-founder of PriceGrabber; hip-hop legend Nasir (“Nas”) Jones; and others.


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