Winged Minds Launching Kickstarter Campaign For CITADEL VR – Real immersive VR Gaming


Winged Minds is a small studio from Cartagena (SPAIN) where they are developing “CITADEL VR”, a VR game designed for VR HMD (Head Mounted Display), in which they searching for the best interaction for the gamer in the 3D environment using the spatial control such Oculus Touch and HTC controller, both will be marketed in a few months.

Winged Minds Studio

This project won most of the prizes in the last Spain VR Jam, including the public award, an “CITADEL” has been the greatest attraction in every fair in which it has been presented. They have been invited to some events related with the Virtual reality like the “SAMSUNG Gear VR Weekend” and they will show their work in forthcoming fairs around Spain.


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On “CITADEL VR”, open doors, pick up objects or throw them away, reload a laser gun or shoot it are not already actions that you can do with a simple “click”: ” this is a new way to play video games, The veteran gamers played with “OPQA” and now we use “ASWD” with mouse. This is the same type of change but larger”.


citadel vr


vr game


They are presenting a Test demo on their Kickstarter campaign that is only a draft to show the work with interaction and the possibilities of their VRIS system. This is a pack of independent scripts which allow the users to interact with the surrounding and could be used in all other adventures that Winged Minds will create in the future. The intention of their work is to convert us into the main player of the story and live the experience in our own skin.


citadel vr game


The Kickstarter Campaign had been launched to secure funds which will allow them to complete the “CITADEL VR” development and their VRIS system. With micro-inver ion hey hope o ge 32.500 € rewarding all he collabora or wi h di erent gifts and prizes. If you want to support this work and be one of the first gamers who plays this adventure and with some extra prizes. Do not let the opportunity escape.

Winged Minds Kickstarter


Winged Minds Studio Contact


LUIS TELLO, José Javier

Phone: (+34) 675 66 88 02


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