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Dave & Buster New Wireless VR Gaming System Powered By VRcade

According to VRStudio’s official announcement on July 15, Dave & Buster, an U.S. restaurant & entertainment chain has set up its first ever wireless virtual reality gaming system at its Milpitas branch in California.

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 Interstellar Marine’s Bullseye vrcade wireless gaming shooting


The wireless gaming system is made by VRcade, a division of VRstudios. Two VR game titles had been installed in the VR system: Time Zombies and Interstellar Marine’s Bullseye. Both of them are shooting games.


VRcade’s Wireless VR Technology Breakthrough

The wireless VR gaming system utilizes a wireless gun, VR headset and customized optical tracking technology to achieve perfect 1:1 control while eliminating simulation sickness. The wireless system is built with optical tracking using retro reflective markers on the VR headset and gun, which enables for precise positional tracking.


Thus, VRcade’s gaming system is able to eliminate the cord usually attached to VR headsets completely; the breakthrough advance wireless technology for the headset had been kept secret by the VRcade team.


“Since 2010, the goal of the VRcade has been to track 8 simultaneous players across 15,000 square feet. This deployment is designed for a single player in a 225 square foot space with much larger, multi-player installations for sale and lease in the near future.” Jamie Kelly President @ VRcade


“We are constantly seeking exciting partners with technology that could benefit our system. Our custom headset is also in constant redesign with resolution, field of view, and ergonomics consistently improving as new tech becomes available.” Ivan Blaustein, Director of Product Integration @ VRcade


We used to kick it at Dave & Buster all the time with our buddies in college, shoot pool and drink beers! It’s great to see more places like Dave & Buster and entertainment theme parks start to showcasing virtual reality technology and amusements!


Content Source: Dave & Buster, VR Cade, Globe News Wire

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