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You VS. Sharapova By American Expereince – Let You Play Tennis W/ Maria Sharapova During US Open

Virtual reality enables you to have experiences that otherwise, at least for most of us, are nearly impossible to have in a million years.


vr experience


you vs sharapova vr experience

Check out the mini tennis court! Image Source: Tech Times

Update: You VS. Maria Sharapova VR Experience @ US Open

According to Tech Times, You vs. Maria Sharapova virtual reality booths presented by American Express Fan Experience, had set-up 3 booths at the US Open. Participants were using HTC Vive headset with integrated headphones and a wireless controller to simulate the tennis swing! Do you think you can handle Maria Sharapova’s serve? Well, think again after you’ve watched below video!



American Express VR Experience @ US Open 2015 – You VS. Sharapova

According to Forbes, in an official press release from American Express, that announced the“first-of-its-kind virtual reality” experience that will be showcasing at the 2015 U.S. Open, one of the world’s most celebrated tennis tournament will start from August 31 to September 13 at National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York City!



American Express is presenting a VR experience called “You VS. Sharapova” that features Maria Sharapova, the 28 year old that banked $3.2 million in prize money, is one of the world’s highest ranking tennis players, will be serving to the fans in the virtual environment, fans can try to return the serve with HTC controller. Can you handle the 100 miles per hour serve?


HTC + Valve + SteamVR + ReelFX Technology

HTC + Valve + SteamVR + ReelFX Technology Support

According to Forbes, “You VS. Sharapova” is the first ever virtual reality experience to using feature a live action and CGI version of an athlete simultaneously to create one compelling VR user experience. The VR experience is created using HTC Vive room-scale, Valve’s lighthouse tracking, Steam VR and ReelFX technologies.


“Over the last several years, we’ve been immersing fans through technology in the game. For us, virtual reality is sort of the next evolution of what we have been doing, which is put the fan at the centre of the experience. And in this case, we’re allowing the fan to join this virtual world of being on the court with one of tennis’ greats, Maria Sharapova.” Deborah Curtis, Vice President of global sponsorships and experimental marketing at American Express ( via Adweek )


Fans will be able to try their hand at returning Sharapova’s shots with their own ground strokes and volleys. This experience is highlighted with fans’ having the opportunity to return Sharapova’s over 100 mile-per-hour serve!


maria sharapova us open


Three VR Stations will be at the US Open 2015 that takes place at National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, Queens, New York City. for tennis fans to try “You VS. Sharapova” VR experience!


Content Source: Forbes, ADWeek, American Express, Tech Times


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