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Dew VR Snow Experience By Mountain Dew @ Milk VR

Mountain Dew and Green Label film introduced Dew VR Snow Experience: Backcountry Snowboarding as a VR experience inside Samsung Gear VR’s Milk VR platform. Anyone who owns Gear VR can download the experience for free. The experience will also be showcased at SXSW 2016 and Burton US Open.


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Dew VR Snow: Immersive Snowboarding @ Blackcountry

The Dew VR Snow Experience enable users to experience the adrenaline-pumping skiing experience of professional snowboarders such as Scotty Lago, Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis. Produced by virtual reality creative agency First Born, the same VR creative agency behind Patrón Tequila VR Project, you can read it here.


Views can truly experience how it feels like to be dropped on a mountain top from a helicopter, and cruise all the way down on snowboard.


It’s the difference between talking to consumers and immersing them in our experience, we want to bring fans closer to the things they love.” Christine Ngo ( Mountain Dew’s Digital Brand Manager )


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Do The Dew First VR Experience: VR Skateboarding

Mountain Dew has always encourages its fans to “Do The Dew” is an early adopter of virtual reality technology. In 2014, Mountain Dew has already presented Mountain Dew VR Experience: Skateboarding.



A cool VR experience that captured pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez & Mountain Dew skate team rolling and cruising down the infamous Vegas strip, in virtual reality of course!


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The company understands how to use the most advance VR technology to promote its branding and connect to its audiences, perhaps reaching new audiences who are into sub-culture such as street skateboarding and extreme sport such as pro snowboarding!


Content Source: Mountain Dew & PSFK



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