Facebook to Release 128 GB Oculus Quest 2 to Replace 64GB Version

According German blog, VR-Legion, Facebook may soon replace the 64GB Oculus Quest 2 with the 128GB version. 

Some time ago, Quest 2 appeared on the market in two different version. One with 64 GB storage size as an entry-level size and one with 256 GB as the high-end model. But now pictures have mysteriously emerged that show a 128 GB model. Many indications indicate that the 128 GB variant appears as the new entry-level size.

This implies that VR newbies could soon get more memory if they get a Quest 2. But the reason behind it is still unclear. Especially since rumors of a possible Quest Pro have been circulating for some time and the new Facebook Connect event is coming soon. As usual, this should take place in September.

Here you can see the box with the 128 GB storage information on the back of the new box.

The picture was first published in a Japanese online magazine, and then an advertisement was also found today in a Japanese online magazine and shows the new 128GB variant of Quest 2. A release date could therefore not be too far off.  Rumor says that  the new 128 GB version will cost a little over 399 euros and is likely priced between the two previous models. 

What this is essentially mean for VR porn zealots is that you get to have more games AND porn for your Oculus Quest 2 headset. 

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