FOVE vr new industry design  base station controller

FOVE: New Industrial Design & Base Station + Controller

FOVE, the company known for the world’s first eye-track virtual reality headset, introduced their new industry design for VR headset with Twitter tweed on July 7th! The new design was announced right after it’s Kickstarter campaign closed with a huge success!


CEO Yuka Kojima  japan forbes

FOVE CEO Yuka Kojima is on Forbes Japan. Image Source: Tipatat Twitter


FOVE Kickstarter Campaign Success

The original crowdfunding goal was $250,000, the Kickstater campaign finished off with $480,650 from 1,480 backers worldwide, nearly doubled the its first-tier goal. FOVE headsets will begin its shipping process in May 2016.


new vr hmd industrial design


This is not the only good news, FOVE also announced on their site, that the Valve Lighthouse integration will be supported, with additional funding backed by Samsung Venture, FOVE is include Lighthouse base station & controller into the package, however, the base station & controller are not included in the Kickstarter package. The price has not been announced at this stage.


“With this new investment and from our Kickstarter community, we will work diligently in making FOVE development possible on a large scale. Our goal is to further advance the virtual reality market.”

Yuka Kojima ( CEO and co-founder of FOVE )


“Our investment in FOVE is evidence of our belief in FOVE’s superior technology and we believe FOVE will launch a competitive VR device in the market soon.”

Spokesperson from Samsung Ventures


new hmd design


The Kickstarter campaign has ended, anyone who is interested to buy can sign-up on the FOVE waiting list. The VR headset prototype’s current Spec: 5.8-inch, 1440p, display; a 100+ degree field of view; a 90fps frame rate; and eye-tracking measured at 120fps. This is the spec before the new industry design, whether or not the spec will update has yet to be confirmed by FOVE.


 vr new industry design  base station controller

new industry design hmd

san francisco based vr startup tokyo japan

FOVE VR Headset With New Industry Design Appearance

When we first discover FOVE back in Febuary, we thought the original design was already one of the best looking compared with other existing VR headsets, and now the new FOVE industrial design looks even better , more sleek and futuristic than the original headset design. Here are the models posing with the original design:


fove virtual reality headset design original

san francisco vr hmd design


According to the team, the new look was designed with adding extra comfort for users in mind! When we tested the latest FOVE prototype @ E3, it was very comfortable, we can only imagine how comfortable the new design would be!



FOVE Team is exhibiting this week @ Annual J-POP Summit 2015 @ San Francisco, if you haven’t try the amazing headset, this is a good opportunity to experience it yourself! Another fantastic news and huge achievement for the FOVE team, is that their demo video – Eye Played The Piano ( THE UNIVERSITY OF TSUKUBA‚ÄôS SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLS ) had won Bronze – Cannes Lion at Cannes Film Festival 2015. Congratulations to the FOVE Team!


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