We have been a huge fan of iStripper since it started decades ago, as they have a very unique desktop version like no others. If you like iStripper and you have a VR headsets, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be watching it in VR. We are going to show you how can watch iStripper on your VR headset. 

iStripper Review: Your Guide to Watch iStripper in VR

We have been a huge fan of iStripper since it started decades ago, as they have a very unique desktop version like no others. If you like iStripper and you have a VR headsets, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be watching it in VR. We are going to show you how can watch iStripper on your VR headset. 

Imagine owning an entire strip club in your own bedrooms, where you can get lap dances and full-on strip show from some of the hottest performers. 

Forget about Las Vegas, iStripper is your key to partying like a high roller and not have to break the bank. The quality of the performer is similar to StacyQ

iStripper is an application with growing collection of stripper performers for both Mac and PC that projects high quality strip shows onto your desktop. Although this app really is not considered virtual reality, but you can certainly watch the show on your VR headset. Frankly, who cares if you get any degrees of freedom when visiting the strip club right?

iStripper does only have a small library of 180 degree VR content, but the quality of the desktop scenes are much better. These scenes are also not streamable to the best of our understanding. You must download these files like you are watching a VR porn movie. Each will cost you 30 credits, and does not include access to the desktop shows. 

You can select from a number of environments for your favorite iStripper experience. 

Our review of iStripper


  • Quality
  • Uniqueness
  • Beautiful models
  • User friendly interface


  • Small amount of VR content available

How to Watch iStripper in Virtual Reality

We are going to show you how to watch iStripper on any VR headset, so that you can watch iStripper like strip-club-in-a-box. 

First and foremost, you will need some basic equipment, that is, a VR headset. You do not need to use expensive headsets like the HTC or Oculus, a simple cardboard VR will do. However, for optimal experience, we still recommend higher end headsets if that is within your budget. 

Download iStripper and install it on your computer, the file is about 30 mb so its not going to kill your hard drive. You can begin downloading previews which will download in the background as you explore the app. 

Now you are ready to connect your headset to your PC, and put on that VR headset. You do want to make sure that your keyboard is within arms reach or that you have the Oculus control ready, so that you can switch between different models and scenes. You can also change music, size of previews, and number of girls. 

1. Once you have purchased the show(s) of your choice, launch the iStripper software interface from your computer and navigate to the VR section, or directly login on

2. Open the video page and click on the video you have purchased to access the preview content

3. Select your device & resolution: Click on your VR device from the list : it will unfold a list of files in different resolutions.
Select your prefered resolution: download will start

4. Play the video

Navigate to your computer and open the video with your VR player. If you don't have a VR player yet: Download Deo VR here

if the video h265 does not work, please make sure you: download the codec

VR Desktop Recommendations

Alternatively, there are other VR desktop applications, we recommend Virtual Desktop Mobile which you can get from Oculus store for $7.99. Once the app is installed on to your device, you will be prompted to launch the Virtual Desktop Streamer app. 

or another option is GizmoVR

What is GizmoVR?

GizmoVR is a Free VR browser for VR Headsets.  It works just like a normal web browser, but for VR.

The app responds well and is useful for fast forwarding or rewind controls, since not everyone has the time to watch the entire show, so it’s nice to be able to skip between the best parts. It’s also cool to be able to download these shows right onto your phone, something that you can do with regular iStripper shows. 

Step 1. Go to gizmovr.com and download the app for your VR device

Step 2. Launch GizmoVR app 

Official Instructions from iStripper

Get iStripper from SLR

Another option is to purchase iStripper shows from SexLikeReal, which offers tons of great content of some of the hottest adult VR content currently available. 

Now you are ready to watch iStripper on your VR headset. 

The VR shows are around 10 minutes each, and they are much more intense and immersive than the regular 2D desktop shows. You feel like you are really there with the strip in-person. It may even take you some time to get used to that feel like you are teleported into a strip club environment to experience virtual private lap dances.  Forget about bouncers and tipping the waitresses, this is all happening in your bedroom. Some of the girls were more in your face than others, but really take the level of immersion to a whole new level. 

The quality of the shows are all slightly different, but all pretty damn excellent. The current videos are 5K, 180 degrees, 3D and 60 frames per second. 

VR Devices supported include:

Oculus Quest, Oculus go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed reality, PSVR,  Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard.

To access the 3D VR shows, you will need to sign into your iStripper account and choose the VR section. If you don’t already have an account, sign up is free. You will be able to download the app and see some previews without having to spend any money. 

Here's our list of best adult VR site recommendations

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Badoink VR
Adult Festa VR
StripChat VR
Teen Mega World
SexBabes VR
3DX Chat

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