Lovense Ferri Review : Tiny & Powerful Panty Vibrator for Ladies

Lovense is known for their teledildonic innovation with its range of vibrators that you can hook up spice up solo session, couple, and even orgy party via skype. Their products are also designed for people that are in long-distance relationships.

Now they’ve released Ferri, a really small but non-insertable vibrator for your clitoris that is really meant to be placed inside the underwear of ladies. It’s the smallest toy that Lovense has released so far since it’s just a shade under 3-inches long. It can be used for public, solo and foreplay, and can be purchased for around $109.00, so the question is, is it worth it?

Is Lovense Ferri worth it?

Let us take discuss the functionality and design. The very first thing you’ll notice is the size since the Ferri is really small. It can sit inside your underwear, and you’ll even forget it’s there. It’s around 2.93 inches long and just 1inch wide, weighing around 35g means that it’s really discreet.

Once purchased, it will arrive in a small discreet box. When you open the box, you’ll see the Ferri, quick setup guide, a storage bag, USB charging cable, user manual, and an extra magnetic cap.

Charging will take roughly an hour and can be used for around 3 hour and has a good amount of standby time. It has red led light indicating it's charging and will turn off if it’s fully charged. With a waterproof rating of IPX7, it can be submerged to around one meter of water so you can use it when taking a shower or soaking up in the tub. The price tag is around $109, but if you stumble upon Lovense’s promos online, you can get the Ferri for just $99.


To turn the Ferri on, just simply press and hold the standby button for roughly 3 seconds or you can use the bluetooth app. To connect to the bt app, press the standby button, and when you feel a slight vibration, it means it has been paired successfully.

Since the Lovense remote app has lots of settings, you have a lot of possible options. The Ferri device itself has different settings for vibrations that you can toggle with by using the standby button.

Solo session

The Ferri will impress you with its power, and that’s the first thing you’ll notice. The strong magnets can handle the intense power that the Ferri has, which means that it’s secured when you put it in your underwear. The magnet strip makes sure that the Ferri stays in place, so you can trust the magnet to do the job, regardless if you are walking or even dancing.

If you’re looking to achieve orgasm, then chances are it’s going to be better if you put it onto your clitoris directly. You’ll feel the strong vibrations from the Ferri going straight to your arm, but it’s not really unpleasant or a turn-off. Pressing the standby button will give you better control of the vibrations, changing from one setting to the other, and when you don’t feel like using the app.

Couples session

The Ferri really shines during couple play especially if it’s used during foreplay, and it’s pretty much the foundation for the design. So yes, it’s good for solo play, but it’s different when it’s used for couple play.

If you’re also looking for that thrill of using a vibrator in public that’s fully operated via remote control, then the Ferri is a great choice. The magnets will always make sure that it stays in place. Just a friendly reminder, if you plan on using it in public, please make sure that no one can notice what’s going on with you to avoid unnecessary attention, or else we will be looking for videos of you on YouTube,

We did find the device being a bit too loud for public use, but it really depends on where you’re using it. Despite Lovense says this toy is “library quiet” at around 43 decibels, we still wouldn’t recommend using it inside the library. Probably a concert or anywhere with a little bit of noise is much better.

Ferri’s app is nicely designed that the vibration can be nicely synced with external sounds, which is pretty interesting especially if you are a unique environment such a nightclub or lounge. We probably won’t be able to try out these spots anytime soon due to the pandemic.

Functionality and App Features

The toy itself is pink and black made from silicone material. The device weighs just 35 grams and is water resistant. You can control the device through its onboard buttons. There is a one-year warranty after purchase.  

The remote app for Lovense works with every device that they have, and it’s compatible whether you have an iPhone, Mac, Android, or a Windows PC (for Windows PC, you’ll need the Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter to connect).

The app has great features and functionality, with a 4-star rating from Google Play Store with over 4000 reviews. On the Apple store, the Lovense Remote app has a 3-star rating with 779 reviews at the time of this writing.

What you get out of the box is

  • 1 Ferri
  • Charging cable
  • Black storage bag
  • Extra magnetic clip
  • Manual
  • Setup guide

Since the Ferri is Bluetooth enabled, you really don’t need the Lovense account to use it together if you plan on using it close-range. If the session is going to be long-distance, you’ll need a Lovense account and it only takes a minute or two to sign up.

Lovense notes that the app’s range can reach around 20-45 feet, depending on if you’re sitting or standing when using it. Things can start to get choppy if you are too far away. It is important to have good internet connection. You can also customize patterns to your preference.

The app has other features such as music vibes, reactions to ambient sound, and alarm activation which can really spice things up.

The Verdic

The excellent magnetic clip for the Ferri makes sure that it stays in place, making it a great toy that you can use when doing foreplay or serious making out sessions. The amount of power it generates is truly impressive. It’s small, but not that small to annoy you when you put it inside your undies, even if you’re not using the device. It’s invisible and discreet enough to use for public play, but it’s not really quiet enough for “library time”.

The remote app for Lovense is also a great pair for the Ferri and adds a lot of different vibes. Overall, the Ferri is that powerful enough of a vibrator but really easy and fun to use, and its close and long-distance controls work well enough and cost less than $100. For those starting out with remote controlled toys, the Ferri is a great chose since it’s affordable compared to other more expensive toys.

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