Review of Lovense Lush 3: Long Distance Virtual Sex Device

The Story

It’s a brand that’s going stronger and stronger even if we’re in a midst of a pandemic, since long distance intimacy and having sex virtually is getting more common by the day.

So during Lovense’s launch of the Lush 3, a 3rd generation of it’s famous egg vibrator, it was instantly a favorite among cam performers, since the Lush models are really small but powerful vibrators that’s insertable and can easily be controlled over WiFi and Bluetooth by using the Lovense Remote application for your phone.

It’s an upgraded and improved version over the 2nd generation since it comes with an ergonomic design and a really improved life on it’s battery, but the question is, is the $119.00 price tag worth it?

So while the Lush 3 has a longer battery life, which is a huge advantage over Lush 2, it also has a redesigned tail since it’s going for a better fit ergonomically and has a magnetic port charger, meaning that it can work with other Lovense models, like the just launched Ferri Panty vibrator.

They redesigned the bluetooth antenna for a more stable and better connection. And connecting it using the Lovense Remote app will make it voice controlled if using Amazon Alexa if that’s more up your alley.

Even if it’s using the same engine as the previous versions, those behind the Lush 3 says that since it has a redesigned tail, it will make the vibrations feel a lot more powerful. The new design for the tail was in response to their user’s feedback, so that previous owners can be more satisfied with the new Lush 3. But we’ll get to the user experience later.

The Lush 3 has a nice discreet packaging, and with the box comes the Lush 3 itself, the charging USB cable, a nice storage bag, the user manual and a quick guide on how to set it up. It only comes in one color which is hot pink which might not be up to everyone’s liking. The silicone material used is really smooth that comes with an IPX7 rating for being waterproof, meaning you can use it for your bath and shower.

The L3 is very light, and it just weighs a little bit lower than 70 grams. The current length that you can insert is around 4-inches, and the widest part for it’s insertable end was around 1.5-inches.

As we stated, the L3 has a new magnetic charging port, and it can be used with any USB adapter. The charger will work if it’s used correctly, so using it upside down won’t do the trick. You need to see a solid red light to indicate that it’s charging.

It takes around 85 minutes to fully charge and the red light will go off once it is. As per Lovense, it can be used for around 290 minutes. So before we tell you how it is in action, we’d like to remind you that you might want to have some water- based lube, silicone or oil based lube especially if it’s going to be inserted vaginally.

The Experience: 

Since it’s a type of egg vibrator, the L3 has been made for being inserted into the vagina. It was a nice experience but it was a bit underwhelming. Like the other comments from a lot of cam artists, they all thought that the tail was redesigned to be near your clitoris or actually sit on it, so that the vibrations can provide a stimulating sensation inside the vagina and to the tail. But the tail was just there to kind of stabilize the egg inside the vagina while it hits the vaginal walls and your G-spot. So if ever the Lush 4 is going to be released, it can be a great sex toy if the tail would be able to do a clitoris stimulation as well.

The L3 was comfortable enough once it was inserted but wasn’t that long enough that it reached my G-spot. Though the experience is still delightful and it’s really quiet when inserted, more of like a whisper that you’d really want from using a vibrator. Since it comes with the remote control, the L3 can really be an amazing toy for playing around in public. It’s really silent when it’s inside your vaginal walls, and makes it better than its sister product the Ferri, which is a bit loud when it’s in the same situation. But if you’re looking for a better simulation around your clitoris, the Ferri is the better option.

If you’re going to use the Lush 3 as its intended, it’s basically an okay experience. But when it’s used in a lot of different ways, it starts improving as well. Its a really versatile toy, and that’s what makes Lush 3 a cut above it’s competition. The tail acts like a handle, which lets you control more of the action, and it’ll work wonders for anyone who uses it.

It’s really light that you can hold it on it’s narrow end, and play around with it so that you can put the other end on your other sensitive spots like your nipples or your clit. The really strong vibrations and the extra bounce from holding it from the narrow end makes it like it has twice the vibration.

So since the tail doesn’t really vibrate at all will mean that it’s not going to vibrate when you use it as a handle. So while it could be better to have the tail vibrate in future designs, right now even if it doesn’t do that really serves its purpose. Also, it might rotate and might feel a little bit unnerving but you just need to be really careful if its going to be removed.

Remote Control App Review: 

All of Lovense’s toys come with the remote control app, which makes it really good and one of the reasons why Lovense has a lot of customers. Since it’s compatible with Android and iOS, it’s a great choice for a toy.

The Lovense remote app can also be used to sync music and it does respond to external sounds, so it really is an advantage to be able to program your vibration preferences in the app. But take note that the Lovense remote app isn’t a must if you're looking to control the vibrations, you can also use the button that’s on the toy itself.

But since it has a remote, it’s perfect for the intended audience that its really made for - cam performers. It can support around 24 cam sites and is really customizable so the device will react the way the performers would like it to.The vibrator can also support shared control, split-camming and even games while using the Lovense Extension.

Is lovense Lush 3 worth it

The Verdict

It’s a unique vibrator, it’s really comfy but it isn’t the type that will make you beg for more. But if you put a little more imagination, the possibilities are endless, and can make you feel really good. Pair that with the eye catching pink color and a really great app, cam performers will love this. Also it can now support up to 100 participants for virtual sex parties, and if you have an old model the price difference might make you think if you’re going for the upgrade but if its your first time buying one, this is a great choice for you.

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