Microsoft Flight Simulator Recent Update Extends Support for VR Headsets

An important milestone that marks the history of VR has arrived, as Asobo Studio releases SteamVR support for the notoriously demanding Microsoft Flight Simulator enabling expansion to a wide range of major VR headsets.

In a announcement made last November which followed the virtual reality update for Microsoft Flight Simulator development roadmap, Asobos Studio has been working closely with the Microsoft Mixed Reality team to integrate OpenXR technology to allow better convenience for cross-platform developments.

This means regardless which headset you own, VR users will be able to access the Microsoft Flight Simulator. VR users can chose from a wide range of control options, using gamepads, keyboards, mouse, or the HOTAS full simulation mode.

Players can interact with instruments within the cockpit via a mouse, as Asobos made improvements on the 3D mouse cursor. Players can owns drag game panels into the virtual environment, such the weather panel and more.

The new update will be available in 3 versions, with slightly more upgrades for each version. The deluxe version will be adding five more plans and airports, while the premium version will have everything from the deluxe version plus more.

With Microsoft Flight Simulator, players can fly anywhere in the world with real-time weather reports and air control traffic systems.

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