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NVIDIA Introducing 6 Laptops W/ Built-In GTX 980 GPU For VR Games & App

Today NVIDIA announced a powerful GPU ( Graphic Processing Unit ) with the code name GeForce GTX980!

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Take a look at NVIDIA’s QUADRO M6000 Epic Games Demo video, showing NVIDIA’s unparalleled graphic processing capabilities!



6 Powerful Laptops With Built-in NVIDIA GTX 980

According to NVIDIA, 6 laptop models from 4 manufacturers will include built-in GTX 980, including: AORUS x7DT, CLEVO P870DM, CLEVO P775DM, MSI GT72, MSI GT80, and last but not the least, the ASUS beast that everyone is waiting for, the ASUS GX700VO.


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Oculus made a tweet today showing support of GTX 980!

Oculus made a tweet today showing support of GTX 980!


These laptops are made and built to run premium PC game, game engine such as Unreal Engine, VR applications, and PC-based VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Back in May, Oculus VR announced a list of standard PC requirement spec, in order to satisfy the spec and run Oculus bundled VR game and application smoothly, the cost is estimated around $1,500 USD.


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“The GTX 980 notebook includes a fully loaded GTX 980 GPU in a laptop form factor. It’s a great platform for utilizing Unreal Engine 4’s high-end features, such as physically based shading, DirectX 12 and virtual reality device support!” By Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games


“The GeForce GTX 980 notebook is a very impressive piece of hardware. EVE: Valkyrie runs super smooth on it with rock-solid performance!” By Owen O’Brien, executive producer, EVE: Valkyrie, CCP Games.


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NVIDIA Update & GTX 980 Powered Laptop Coming In October

The specificaitons NVIDIA GTX980 and these laptops are well above the specification recommended by Oculus VR, in the near future, these laptops with built-in GTX980 will be used for VR demo, eliminating the need to carry bulky desktop PC to VR conference and meetups.


For current NVIDIA users, game and VR developers, upon the release of GTX 980, NVIDIA also released a GameWorks VR SDK Update, navigate to this page to get an update! According to NVIDIA, the first everGeForce GTX 980-equipped laptop will be available for purchase in October, get your credit card ready!


Content & Image Source: NVIDIA, NVIDIA Twitter


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