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Virtual Reality & Youth Research Infographic By Touch Stone Research

Touch Stone Research has conducted an online survey with 500 kids and teenagers in the US, and all participants were drawn to provide even distribution across the ages, 50/50 B/G and nationally representative on the basis of US Census region and ethnicity for kids this age. All participants are between age 10 to 17.


touch stone research vr survey


Participants were surveyed about virtual reality and immersive technologies. The survey participants were then exposed to the current state of virtual reality with images, articles and videos, and were asked to share their opinions. Touch Stone Research Youth and Family research panel and team has turned the survey result into an interesting and eye-opening infographic!

Below are two videos about kids being exposed to virtual reality for the first time!

Samsung eMotion Project for kids in hospital!

Kids in India tried out VR headsets for the first time!

“VR will likely impact every major industry including gaming, education, healthcare, fitness, ecommerce, social, mobile, entertainment, technology and travel to name a few.

In addition, we feel that VR will have a significant impact on the market research and consumer insights space—think about what it would be like to conduct a focus group in a virtual environment without ever leaving the office, conducting concept test, ad-tests or study shopping behavior all within a virtual space, streaming your pilot tv show, movie or ad all within a virtual cinema—the possibilities are endless!” Aaron Burch, Touch Stone Research

Previously, my assumption is that young kids and teenagers are yet exposed to VR, It is quite interesting to see and learn about the survey result from these kids and teenager, apparently, they are already somewhat exposed and informed about virtual reality technology and trend.


kids virtual reality


Moreover, my false assumption about the kind of VR games they want to play, I’d assumed they all want to play shooting and fighting VR gaming experiences from the likes The VOID VR Entertainment Center in Utah, USA, or Zero Latency VR Gaming Center in Australia, because that’s all I wanted to play when I was a teenager… Instead, 51% of them want to play VR games about “LIFE.” WOW!!! Kids and teenagers these days…. The lesson I’ve learned is that, DO NOT underestimate young kids today, they are smarter and more tech savvy then you think!


young kids virtual reality


This VR survey would serve as an useful reference for VR application and game developers when creating brand new VR experiences. Because in the next 5 – 10 years, these kids and teenager would be one of the largest sectors of potential customers to spend money on virtual reality and immersive technology, device, apps, games and entertainment. They will represent tremendous buying powers when they reach their early 20’s.


Content Source: Touch Stone Research 

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