Red Light Center VR Enters Virtual Adult Industry


Adult VR Playground – New Era Dawns for Virtual Reality Adult World

Red Light Center VR is a Massively Multiuser VR adult playground with hot avatars operated by real members – now a featured part of the New Red Light Center providing VR porn content!


Along with all the wonderful people, places and events of RLC2, RLCvr offers interactive Virtual Reality experiences like the Gentleman's Club – full of real strippers and lap-dancers and a VR movie theater lets members watch videos as a group!


For about 10 years, Red Light Center has offered adults a virtual world in which to play. In Red Light Center’s universe, users interact virtually via 3D avatars they’ve chosen to represent them.


Now the company has added another level of interactive complexity to the community with the launch of Red Light Center VR World. The new product combines avatar interaction with VR live entertainment.


The initial phase, now emerging from development, features two main multi-player experiences: a strip club and a movie theater. New regions are under development constantly, a spokesperson said, and RLC “has aggressive plans to roll out additional VR-compatible regions in the coming weeks and months.


In order to access Red Light Center’s community, members simply create an account, download a Curio browser and visit the Red Light Center VR’s splash page. Although developers said no gear is required to enjoy the environment, users get the best experience with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset.


Once inside, members control the action on the screen or within their VR headset by walking around or using a game controller. While enjoying motion-captured stage and lap dances in the strip club, members can communicate with on another and the dancers through built-in voice channels. During special events, real-world performers from HoloGirls VR take the stage and perform lap dances live.


In the massively multi-user theater, members control the screen by pasting virtually any video link into the control panel. When the videos play, every person with an avatar in the region sees the action.


Red Light Center membership is included in the membership price of $20 a month, or consumers may purchase membership in RLCvr only for $15 a month.


Author: VR Reporter

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