Seene Labs: 3D Facial Image Scanning Using Smartphone

seene lab 3d vr app launching fall 2015

Seene Labs Facial 3D Capture Launching In Fall 2015

Seene Lab, a revolutionary 3D scanning app by Obvious Engineering, a world’s leading computer vision startup that specializes in 3D scanning, reconstruction and rendering.


seene obvious engineering app 3d

Obvious Engineering Team Image source: TNW


3D Face and object scanning is not a new technology, what makes Seene and Seene Lab apps so revolutionary is that, Obvious Engineering has made the technology easily affordable, accessible and available at consumer level.


Seene VR App Available On iTune & Google Play For VR Content Creation

Seene app that is currently available for download on iTune and Android Google Play platform. Can scan any object and render 3D image on demand in real-time.  All you need is a smart phone with a camera. No extra or expensive equipment required.


Seene Labs: 3D Facial Scanning Application Launching Fall 2015

Seene Labs, a new facial scanning app that is targeting VR adopters and developers, will launch in fall 2015.  Seene Lab allows users to capture realistic 3D facial image with any smartphone’s front camera!


Customized Avatars Capture & Render By Smartphone On Demand

Imagine you would be able to update your avatar’s face on demand anytime as you wish!  Have the 3D image rendered, upload and use it immediately In any VR game, app, metaverse or virtual environment!


andrw mcphee twitter seene labs

Seene CEO & co-founder Andrew McPhee proudly showcased Seene Labs demo on Twitter!  Image source: Andrew McPhee Twitter


No further detail has been announced about Seene Lab, we wonder if it’s going to be available for free or with a fee, either way, we will download it when it's available, and use it to make our gaming avatar more realistic!


Image & Content Source: Seene & TNW

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