Sony Could Release PSVR 2 During Holiday Season 2022

We have learned that Sony has plans to release their next generation VR headset. Recent report have added additional details regarding the specification and launch date.

According to report from Bloomberg, detailing the growing application of using LCD panels in virtual reality headsets, and Sony is one that is going with OLED. The company will be using OLED displays made by Samsung for the next generation PSVR, despite price drop of LCD displays from manufacturers. 

Bloomberg also notes that Sony is looking release PSVR 2 during the 2022 holiday season (official name not announced yet, let’s just call it PSVR 2 for now). This makes a lot of sense due to recent global IC chip shortage crisis, and allows Sony to work on perfecting the display component supply. 

Additional information regarding PSVR 2’s newest features include new hand-tracking technology, and intelligence proximity sensors on the controllers which will bring PSVR 2 up to par with other headsets like Valve Index and Oculus Quest. 

Previous reports noted that Sony’ new VR display will feature 4K resolution, improved IPO adjustment, and eye tracking that enable foveate rendering. This would enable the headset to reduce processing needs in the areas that are not in the user’s field of view. 

Although Sony has yet officially announced their next generation VR headset, the company unveiled its latest VR controllers which features a orb design with adaptive finger trigger, finger touch detection, and improved haptics. It also optimize tracking with an additional tracking ring located on the bottom of the controller. 

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