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Volvo Truck Presents The Chase 360 Video

The Chase 360 by Volvo Trucks is an exciting live test drive of Volvo FL 512 (4 cylinder D5 Engine) captured by Oscar nominated film director, Henry Alex Rubin, in Ciudad Rodrigo!


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volvo fl truck 360 video


The idea is to test out Volvo FL in the ancient city’s narrow winding streets, and capture the experience in 360 degree video. The skilled driver even did some drifting with the high truck which you will be seeing in the video!




The participating runners are locals who are professional bull runners and stuntman, creating true essence of the tradition carried out each year in Spain.


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The film crew were 250 people strong, and using total of 28 cameras (11 GoPros, 7 ARRI Alexas, 8 Canon 5DS, 1 360 degree camera, 1 Octocoper), plus herds of raging bull and a RED truck!! YES, the RED Volvo truck was the reason why the bulls were so pissed went all out chasing it like there was no tomorrow!


To view and enjoy The Chase 360 video, please click below image and navigate to the support platform. Once the video has started, you can play with it using mouse cursor!


Running Of The Bulls” is a Spanish tradition, every year for a week, people from around the world would flood to the cities that host the events to experience the insane feeling of running for your life.

This is not for the faint-hearted, because each year a number of people would be seriously injured or even killed in stampede at the event.


I was there 3 years ago. We were basically drunk for a week with beer and Sangria, and ran with the bulls in the city of San Fermines, Spain. It was a pity that we weren’t allowed to captured the experience with GoPro…


If you love adventure and haven’t done it, it’s a must! It’s a once in a lifetime experience, but at your own risk! We love The Chase 360 video by Volvo Truck, it’s more of a branding video than a commercial, very well done Volvo Truck!


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