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The Foundry at NAB Show on Virtual Reality

The Foundry will be presenting at NAB on April 14. UK based company The Foundry is the creator of an impressive list of visual effect, film, graphic and virtual reality industry’s leading tools and software such as Modo, Colorway, Ocula and particularly the NUKE.


NUKE The Foundry UK VR


NUKE is a significant and must have software tool for many of today’s virtual and augmented reality content creation. As it is currently the only platform that natively supports the compositing of multi-camera live action!


With years of digital content editing, stitching, post-production experiences, and strong expertise in high quality rendering, hardware accelerated composition, 360 live action footage capturing and stitching, The foundry is ready to take on the biggest challenge of virtual reality content creation!

Foundry CEO Bill Collis

Foundry CEO, Bill Collis

The Foundry CEO, Bill Collis Said:

quote new 1For VR/AR to cross into the broader market, it must provide the viewer, regardless of environment, with high quality content and a new, exciting experience.vr expert quote


quote new 1 Our goal is to focus squarely on the creation of live action immersive content and how we leverage our areas of expertise. We’re starting with a proven base, NUKE, which is currently the only platform that natively supports the compositing of multi-camera live action. From there, we’re looking at the unique challenges presented by live, immersive content to help our clients push VR/AR from niche to mainstream. vr expert quote


The Foundry will showcase its newly developed VR and AR technologies that is intended to address the challenge and obstacles met in fully immersive and live action of multi-camera content capture and creation. And help to take virtual and augmented reality technology from the current niche onto the mainstream!


Jeff Jaspers on The Foundry’s VR Technology

Jeff Jaspers, CTO of New Deal Studios, the creators of infamous The Mission, Kaiju Fury and the NHL Experience said:


quote new 1New Deal Studios has been hard at work pushing the limits of VR technology. We are working with some of the brightest minds, like The Foundry, to try and solve immersive live action experiences as a natural progression of our long experience in film and commercials, vr expert quote


quote new 1The Foundry’s NUKE is a natural when it comes to VR compositing, especially with a powerful 3D environment and spherical cameras. Add in the fact that NUKE easily converts between panoramic formats and it help us resolve issues with rendering CG effects for VR. There are still a lot of challenges to solve and we know The Foundry will be at the forefront in helping us solve them.vr expert quote


NAB Show virtual reality the foundryThe Foundry to Present Virtual Reality Solution @ NAB Show 2015

The highly anticipated The Foundry Keynote presentation is scheduled on Tuesday, April 14 ( 10am-2pm PDT ). The presentation will be live streamed on the NAB Show’s official website, you can watch the live stream here.


NAB Show 2015, which is happening now at Las Vegas, Nevada. USA. From April 11-16. NAB Show is one of the world’s leading convention for digital content creation that covers areas such as broadcasting, film, entertainment, communication, post-production, training, education, marketing, advertising, digital publishing, retail, security, Sports, IT and multi-media.


The Foundry NAB Show keynote


NAB Show is having a stronger focus on virtual and augmented reality in 2015. Another VR company we are paying close attention to is Jaunt CTO. Jaunt Co-founder Arthur Van Hoff of Jaunt VR is giving a keynote presentation as of now, you can find the presentation on this page.


Simon Robinson, chief ­scientist at industry pioneers The Foundry, said:

quote new 1The ­possibilities created by VR remind me of the ­beginning of cinema itself.vr expert quote

Perhaps, The Foundry’s strongest suit lies in Hollywood cinema, the Foundry CEO, Bill Collis is the man who made the legendary Keanu Reeve bullet-dodging scene in The Matrix. And the software and applications made by The Foundry team has been used in major Hollywood hit such as The Hobbit, Gravity, the up and coming Starwar and Lego.


Virtual reality is bound to change the game, and we certainly hope The Foundry can propose the perfect solution to help bringing virtual reality to the mainstream!


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