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Unreal Engine Showdown VR Demo Released For Free

Unreal Engine 4 Showdown created by Epic Games ranks as one of top VR demo experiences I had to date. Showdown demos I had were shown on Oculus Crescent Bay headset.


Unreal Engine announced today on their website, that the Showdown VR demo experience we had at CES, GDC and SVVR, can be downloaded for free through the Learn tab on the Epic Games launcher, along with its entire Unreal Engine 4-based content library.


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With blazing bullet, floating rocks and destroyed car flying in your face, Showdown is one of the few VR experiences that made my palm sweat!


One year later, it’s still one of the most graphically impressive demos out there, and a fine example of what can be done in VR with UE4 and careful optimization. The Showdown demo is currently compatible with Oculus DK2, Sony PlayStation Morpheus and HTC Vive SteamVR.


showdown unreal engine


“Developing for VR at the moment, because it’s still the early days, is brutal,” Donaldson says. “The hardware we’re working with is only linearly increasing [in power] rather than exponentially, like the requirements are. And then as soon as you mess something up — you drop a frame — it makes people sick.” Nick Donaldson, Level Designer at Epic Games ( from Polygon )

“The goal for Showdown,” Donaldson says, “is that Oculus had their newest prototype called Crescent Bay on the way. It was the first time that Oculus had been 90 hertz, as opposed to 75 for the previous version. The resolution was much higher, the optics were great and the motion tracking was much, much better than the Development Kit 2.” ( from Polygon )


Showdown is one of the few VR demos, I’d want to play again and again, which is rare. However, as amazing as it is, Showdown doesn’t give viewer much control, and the VR experience is not interactive, it’s basically a mind-blowing VR experience being shown on a VR headset. Unreal Engine will be at the following international events: Immersed Europe ( Sept 3-4 ), Oculus Connect 2 ( Sept 23-25 ), SEA-VR ( Oct 28 ) and VR Intelligence ( Nov 9-10 ).


Content Source: Unreal Engine, Polygon


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