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Immersed Europe 2015 – Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality In Spotlight

Immersed Europe is the first Immersed Conference in Europe hosted by The Immersive Technology Alliance and the University of Murcia, Immersed Europe runs from September 3-4. It features two days of sessions by global immersive technology experts, discussion panels, networking session & reception, and a full-featured exhibition for the general public.


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Immersed Europe 2015 UPDATE

Immersed 2015 has just announced an exciting speaker list for Immersed Toronto. Including IM360, a joint venture between Immersive Media Company and Digital Domain Holdings, Starbreeze Studio, the game studio behind Walking Dead VR experience.


walking dead vr

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Cubicle Ninjas, the studio that created Guided Meditation, Dr. Jason Jerald, a VR book author and Co-Founder of NextGen Interactions, Mary Spio from Next Galaxy Corp, the lady that wants to build a full-scale entertainment centre with virtual reality. For a full list of confirmed speakers, check out this page.


the vr book jason jerald


Immersed Europe One Day Pass Released

Immersed Europe has made two more announcements today. First, a special one day pass for 199 € that is ordered through Eventbrite is released on this page. This pass is ONLY for September 4, 2015. While this can’t be combined with other discount offers, this is a very affordable way to see part of the conference and also enjoy the public exhibit. If you use a 100€ discount code (e.g. “MTBSimmersedeurope”), it’s only a little bit more to enjoy two full days of immersive goodness in Murcia, Spain! In our humble opinion, might as well purchase the two days pass for a full experience! EventBrite link:


Preliminary Exhibitor List

The preliminary exhibitors list is here! The Walking Dead in VR is coming to Immersed Europe thanks to Starbreeze Studios, to VR enthusiasts in Europe, we highly recommend this VR experience, I was screaming like a little girl when we played it at this year’s E3! If you are one of those Zen or spiritual people, check out Cubicle Ninjas’ Guide Meditation, we recommend the beach scene. Don’t miss out! Check out the Immersed Europe exhibitor list on this page.



Last but not the least, this one is going to make action movie fan scream! Impossible V is coming to Immersed Europe! This isn’t just an ordinary VR experience. You will literally be strapped to the side of a plane! The public exhibition is free, but register in advance so your access is reserved. You can be Tim Cruise for one day. Woo hoo!

Immersed Europe Schedule is live!


the immersive technology alliance

The Immersed Technology Alliance (ITA) & Meant To Be Seen (MTBS3D)

Immersed Europe is organized by The ITA. Non-profit and non-proprietary, The ITA is the official voice and industry body for technologies like augmented and virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture technology, and beyond. Immersed Technology Alliance will be at SIGGRAPH 2015 from August 9-13.

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Immersed Conference Worldwide & History

The first Immersed Conference took place in Toronto, Canada in November 2014, the participants of the successful event pointed out Europe as an under-served market in the VR, AR, and immersive technology industry.


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Due to that, majority of VR, AR, immersive technology related conferences, Expos and events have been disproportionately centralized or based in Silicon Valley and the American West Coast. However, the same industry-building enthusiasm and ability exists in other parts of the world, and it’s time this potential was tapped for everyone’s benefit. The Immersed Europe 2015 is born!


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Immersed Europe Conference 2015 @ Murcia, Spain

Immersed Europe is about giving content makers, technology innovators, and professionals the tools and resources they need to build their businesses and excel in their career in an immersive world.


These tools and resources include development expertise, media exposure, access to the investment community, and public excitement for the vibrant immersive future we are headed towards. Immersed is designed to meet these critical needs with the vision and ability to make this industry happen in Europe.


immersed toronto 2015

Immersed Toronto 2015

The second annual Immersed Conference Toronto will take place at the Ontario Science Centre from October 4-6, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario. The Sunday is a free public access day with private technical workshops for registered delegates. This is the perfect venue that features lots of exhibit space, a polished lecture hall, and very easy access for the general public to see what all the excitement is about (just an escalator away from the front lobby!).


Phil Chen Chief Content Officer HTC

Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer for HTC

Phil Chen – The Founder of HTC Vive Keynote Presentation

One of the highlights of Immersed Toronto is the keynote presentation from Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer for HTC and Founder of the HTC Vive. For those unfamiliar (and really, who isn’t familiar), the HTC Vive has been taking the VR world by storm since its first appearance at GDC 2015 in collaboration with Valve. HTC has just won the best hardware award at Gamescom 2015!


Phil will talk about the future of storytelling as it pertains to augmented and virtual reality as well as the applicable technologies. Very exciting! Of course, anyone who was at Immersed last year knows for certain the speaker lineup is going to be amazing and unique. Ticket sales begin within the next week or so.


htc vive logo


As for Immersed Europe, get yourselves booked while there is still time. It’s unheard of to have a diverse lineup such as this, the two days of talks and networking opportunities couldn’t be any more packed, and it’s history in the making. Be part of it! Meals are included for full access delegates, and all efforts are in play to make this a positively memorable experience for everyone. All qualified paid registrants also get a free year of membership in Immersed Access ($200 US value).
If you are part of a Meetup, preferably in Europe, we do have special options available so your group would be able to attend at a discounted rate and show or demo your VR ideas and innovations at the Immersed exhibition!


immersive technology

Featured Technology & Areas of Interest

Featured technologies and areas include virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture technology, 360 degree immersive media, games, entertainment, education, film and cinema, simulation, motion-capture. Immersed Europe will have not to be missed panel discussion & talks, demos, professional workshop, networking reception and more.


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Immersed Europe 2015 Featured Speakers

Speakers include Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist for AMD, Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO for nDreams the creator of The Assembly, James Golding, Lead Programmer for Epic Games, Duncan Burbidge, Executive Producer for The Third Floor London, Emmanuel Marquez, CTO for Starbreeze Studios, Frank Vitz, Creative Director for Crytek, and more. Speakers are added regularly.



“I’m thrilled to be involved with Immersed Europe. Bringing together so many thought leaders from the immersive tech sector in a European location is an enormously exciting prospect. I’m very much looking forward to speaking to so many of my peers in the burgeoning VR entertainment industry,” said Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO, nDreams.


“Immersed Europe fits in with our regional R&D strategy and will help boost high-tech employment and new innovative enterprises in our region and other parts of Europe,” said Javier Celdrán, Director of The Regional Development Agency of Murcia.


“Immersive tech is a global phenomena. Europe has to receive the same growth opportunities and exposure that is common elsewhere. We are making that happen by bringing the best to Murcia”, said Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The Immersive Technology Alliance.


uan Barambones, CEO, Rectangular Studios

Juan Barambones, CEO, Rectangular Studios

Google Project Tango – Juan Barambones

Juan Barambones is the CEO of Rectangular Studios. Rectangular Studios is an independent studio focused on Virtual Reality Games based in Cáceres, Spain. Juan is also the Founder of Remotte Labs, he works with Project NautilusVR Virtual Reality Underwater, and he is also the Cáceres Google Developers Group (GDG) Founder and Lead Organizer. Among several other projects, Juan is working with educational Cardboard VR and has written a comprehensive guide for VR devices.


Juan Barambones will be demonstrating and discussing Google’s Project Tango’s room-scale scanning technology that greatly enhances the immersive ability of Android smartphones for augmented and virtual reality.


Project Tango developer kit is currently only available in the United States, and only a handful of representatives have the approval to publicly discuss the technology in Europe. This is a rare opportunity for all delegates to appreciate what this technology has in store.


Simon Benson, Director Immersive Technology

Simon Benson, Director Immersive Technology Group, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide – Simon Benson

Simon Benson is Director of the Immersive Technology Group at Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios. Simon’s team was instrumental in the creation of Project Morpheus – the Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4. He has over fifteen years of game industry experience and worked on such games as MotorStorm. Simon was also instrumental in helping pioneer Sony’s efforts in stereoscopic 3D gaming and entertainment.


“It’s great to see this type of event in the heart of Europe. I’m looking forward to meeting up with new people and sharing knowledge about immersive technologies – especially VR.” – Simon Benson, Sony Computer Entertainment


Even before working in video games, Simon worked in Military research and development and specialized in immersive simulation. Simon will be speaking at Immersed Europe.


vireio_perception logo

Vireio Perception – Simon Brown & Grant Bagwell

Vireio Perception is a free and open source virtual reality driver that makes it possible to play existing games in VR even if they weren’t designed for that purpose on devices such as the Oculus Rift and other supported HMDs and solutions.


“I’m personally very excited to be speaking at Immersed Europe. The chance to meet individuals at the forefront of these emerging technologies, who under normal circumstances would never be under the same roof; and the chance to spend time talking with them about subjects that genuinely interest me is an opportunity not to be missed.” – Simon Brown, Core Developer, Vireio Perception


“It would be hard to miss an opportunity such as this, being both a very interesting group of speakers and attendees, not to mention based on European soil. These events are usually uniquely in the US, and is great to see such a well supported event here in Europe. Looking forward to touching down and discussing Immersive Technology.” – Grant Bagwell, Core Developer, Vireio Perception


Both Simon Brown and Grant Bagwell will be presenting at Immersed Europe. Continually breaking the laws of what can and can’t be done with VR drivers, they will talk about the latest work with Vireio Perception and the inventive techniques they have come up with to overcome the (formerly) impossible, and keep this free and open source project alive.


Immersed Europe 2015 Organizational Partners

Organizational partners include the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), The Independent Game Developers Association (TIGA), SIGGRAPH 2015, Region of Murcia, the Visual Effects Society, Cubicle Ninjas and several international media sites.Topics include video games, immersive cinema, health sciences, business, and more.


immersed europe partners


Ticket Information

Attendees will interact with media, investment potential, world-renowned expertise, and more to enhance their career, business, and skills in the immersive space. Limited early bird tickets are 249 € each, and partner discount programs are available. Promotions end soon! Bargain exhibition options are available for qualified early start-ups.


All qualified conference registrants get a free year of Immersed Access ($200 USD value). Immersed Access is a private online community for shared learning and collaboration amongst immersive tech professionals. Murcia, Spain is a fun, vacation city with gorgeous beaches just 30 minutes away.


Flights from other parts of Europe can be less than 100 € per way, and while supplies last, local four star hotel arrangements are just 60 € per night including breakfast (plus tax). Language translation services will be made available, and conference meals are included.The free exhibition will be open to the general public on Friday evening. Register for free online and in advance of the show.


You can purchase Immersed Europe 2015 tickets on this page


Here is an exclusive discount code “VRReurope” that takes 100 Euros off the regular ticket price on Eventbrite. 249 € tickets had been sold out, 449 € tickets are still available as of today! Immersed Conference has another event coming up! Immersed Toronto will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from October 4-6 in 2015.


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