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xRez Studio: A Multimedia & Virtual Reality Creative Studio

xRez Studio is a Santa Monica based creative imaging and visual effects production house, which explores and applies emerging techniques in virtual reality, 360 video capture & spherical panoramic work, computer graphics, and photography.

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We tried xRez’s new demo: VR Traveller @ SoCal Virtual Reality Conference & Expo

Below is the VR Reel 360 video demo featured on Little Star VR, it is intended for sterescopic VR viewing with a VR headset!

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xRez VR Project For National Park Service

The studio also made a VR project for the National Park Service in 2010 using early tracked gaming headsets to simulate a flight in a Wright Brothers aircraft. xRez team recently re-rendered this film at much higher resolution, high frame rate, and in stereo with a new generation of hardware.

“Flight Viewer” was made for the National Park Service’s Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park visitor center in Dayton, Ohio. Utilizing earlier CGI assets made for the visual effects sequences from “On Great White Wings”, the park’s centerpiece film on the history of the Wright Brothers, xRez Studio has created a way for visitors to experience the flight of an early aircraft while visiting the actual field used by the Wrights Brothers for flight testing.

Utilizing computer gaming tracking headsets and interactive spherical animation, a park visitor can chase after and ultimately pilot a Wright 1905 aircraft during a 3 minute flight simulation on-location at the field, enhancing their appreciation of the site and it’s pioneering history.

Please click the image below to view on xRez’s VR Demo page. xRez’s 2015 VR Demo for Oculus Rift HMD & Samsung Gear VR are also available to download on the page.

xRez Studio also worked with Björk, the legendary Iceland vocalist for her most recent special venue film “Black Lake”, featured at MoMA NYC in her retrospective exhibition in spring 2015 and directed by the gifted designer and director Andrew Thomas Huang.



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