3Glasses CEO Award Most Influential Person of the Year at the Gold V Award

After screening by multiple judges, 3Glasses successfully stood out amongst numerous participating companies and won two awards: "Annual Excellent VR Hardware Award" and "Annual Excellent 5G+XR Application Award". 3Glasses CEO Wang Jie was awarded the “Most Influential Person of the Year" prize".

Analysis of New Consumption Habits Affecting the Future Development of XR Industry

How to build a sustainable XR ecosystem has always been an important consideration for the industry. 3Glasses CEO Wang Jie shared some of her ideas regarding analyzing new consumption habits and building a sustainable XR ecosystem.

Ms. Wang talked about the domestic and international industry trends, the development of VR hardware and the status of VR content/applications, and elaborated on user consumption habits and derivative industry development models in the 5G+XR era. This involves UGC dissemination that is more comfortable to wear, lighter, more versatile, and can be made simple and easy will be some of the keys to the development of the XR industry in the future.

3Link combines multi-terminal system, realizing direct connection between XR terminal and 5G mobile phone. Realizing these industry insights, 3Glasses is the first to seize the future trend of XR form development, and the first to launch the world’s only 5G mobile phone that works with multi-brand directly connected to VR glasses, that is the 3Glasses X1S smart glasses. The company created a thin, stylish, and portable VR experience for users.

On-site user experience 3Glasses X1S smart glasses

Things have not been easy for 3Glasses on the development road to realize the adaptation and connection of X1S and multi-brand 5G mobile phones. 

In addition to mobile phone adaptation requirements such as standard DP interface, chip decoding capability, audio and video codec, etc., the data transmission speed and system compatibility of XR hardware terminals technical difficulties  needed to be quickly solved. 

For this reason, X1S and dozens of 5G mobile phones on the market continue to establish adaptation methods, repeated verifications, and finally explored a new multi-functional adaptation system: independently created an open technology system – 3Link, and completed the direct connection between X1S and 15 5G mobile phones. This opens up the connection between multiple terminals and multiple systems.

3Link aims to break the boundaries between multiple terminal devices, achieve hardware mutual assistance and system commonality, overcome technical barriers to cross-terminal connection adaptation between XR devices and 5G mobile phones, PCs, and provide a full range of technical solutions for XR connection to 5G devices. 

This way users, terminals, systems, and communities are interconnected to create a complete connection for the virtual world in the future. 

Combine Software and Hardware Development to Accelerate the Development Sustainable XR Ecosystem 

The traditional hardware model is currently facing enormous challenges, but content application is the most important soft power of VR. According to data analysis, compared with the user base of domestic VR console games, the user base of UGC short videos is huge and continues to grow, which further strengthens the development direction of 3Glasses' deployment of VR short videos.

Number of Domestic Short Video and Game Console Users

X1S is equipped with VRSHOW content platform to achieve better software and hardware connection collaboration. Users can realize panoramic video viewing and multi-scene VR content production through simple operations, continuously improving the VR video ecosystem, and bringing independent dissemination and intelligent creation experience.

3Glasses VRSHOW 2.0 Content Platform

As the 5G+VR ecosystem gradually mature, VR application scenarios quickly entered people’s field of vision, setting off a new wave of craze. Currently, 3Glasses established strategic partnerships with major operators to jointly deploy 5G+VR. 

This begins with the "X1S+VR panoramic live broadcast" model, empowering industry applications, introducing smart court rooms, classroom education, conference, performing arts, and other practical solutions. This includes integrating online and offline resources, boosting the overall layout of the industry ecological chain, and extending the reach of VR to more industries. 

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