Top 18 Best Relaxation and Meditation VR Games

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from everything - the noise, stress from work, or whatever it is, even if it’s just for a quick moment. Not to worry, if you have a VR headset, then you’re one of the few lucky ones who can enter different VR spots from the comfort of your living room, so why not use it to relax? 

We’ve gathered some of the VR games and apps that’s just focused on you relaxing your mind and just meditate. We’ll cover apps that can be used on Quest, PSVR, SteamVR and Rift, so you can find the best one for you using any of these platforms. 

So we’ve dissected them to different categories: Musical Relaxation, Reflection, Exploration, Mindfulness, Meditation, Musical Creation, Nature Relaxation and Creation and Puzzling. 

Best VR Games for Meditation

Guided TaiChi

This game guides you through 100 plus tai chi related workouts that lasts for around 3 to 60 minutes. It has 20 nature environments to help you focus on meditation and uses the motion controllers for Quest that gives you instructions in carefully and slowly so that you can relax better.

Cost: $10

Guided Meditation VR for Steam VR and Rift

Obviously as the name suggests, Guided Meditation VR has exactly 500 meditation spots available through the 27 nature environments that it has. You can choose a specific environment, narrations and music that’ll lead you to a lot of techniques to help you medidate, relax and just forget about everything for a little bit. If you want it with no narration then you can do that as well, just simply relax and enjoy everything at your own pace.

Cost: $15

Where Thoughts Go 

This is a social experience that’s really one of a kind especially in VR. You’ll be able to find a lot of peaceful scenarios and environments that're filled with orbs that are floating around. If you grab one of them you’ll hear a voice speak to you. The voices are actually from other users sharing their dreams, random thoughts and fears, depending on the questions asked per stage of your experience. You’ll also have the option to get perspectives from other users and leave your own recording to just simply drift through the VR world to be listened to by other people. 

Cost: $10.00

Marvellous Machine

This is a free thoughtfulness exercise that you only need to do for like 15 minutes, it’s full of really impressive graphics that’s certain to enhance your VR experience. You’ll be going around while listening to someone narrate which is going to tell you about how to the in and outs of mindfulness. This app will certainly entice you to change the way you perceive your thoughts and surroundings in a very different way than you normally do. 

Cost: Free


Fujii is actually a journey through a really peaceful world full of cute animals and really colorful plants. Even if this fits the “game” genre, it’s a really non-stressful game, no need to shoot down enemies, worry about your life bar or any of that sort. You just have to solve really light puzzles, that will lead you to secrets that you can find at your own leisure. You’ll mostly go back to a garden which you can tend on your own, and you can collect those as you go through the game. Though this isn’t about meditating, the fact that you can relax around your garden and other beautiful places here makes it worth the buy.

Cost: $15


It’s a very interactive experience with a certain narrative that will let you journey around the cosmos. You can easily reach out and feel the worlds themselves while you listen to the amazing songs they sing. This is a great thing for your imagination and if you love space and beyond. 

Cost: $10.00


This will give you the chance to go underwater to see the sights and sounds by going to a lot of beautiful and relaxing aquatic scenes. The whale encounter with the first-time use is famous to a lot of people, but if you buy the full version of this, it’ll give you an 2 more scenes that actually go more than the original, plus the ability to take pictures and access to extra features. It also has it’s own “Ambient Mode” that will just let you sit deep in the water, with no one interrupting you.

Cost: Free

Real VR Fishing

Okay, so you’ll be fishing around, but there’s no time limit. Just simply take your time if you want to and since it comes with a lot of beautiful background of different environments, you can pair that with some nice music in the backdrop while waiting for the big catch of the day.

Cost: $15

Google Earth VR

Yes it’s simply google earth in VR. But aside from being able to explore the entire earth, this can also be a great means of relaxing. You can go to any place you want to relax, sit wherever you want and just take in everything that you see. Want to see the Eiffel tower at night? Simply change the time to what you want. Or you can wander from one place to another and see where you’ll end up. Since it’s free, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Cost: Free

Tetris Effect

This is simply combining the classic gameplay of Tetris with an audio-visual experience. As you move and switch the blocks around, you’ll be able to hear sounds that will fit into a beat. Don’t get too swallowed up with the sights and the cool audio since some levels will actually require skill and practice to finish, even if you’re on the normal difficulty. The *means that you can get it on the Epic Games Store for Rift and SteamVR. 

Cost: $20.00/$40.00

Sheaf Together EP

Have you ever wanted to go down an infinite highway as you watch the trees and other stuff pass you by all the while listening to music that fits the theme perfectly? Sheaf, an artist and musician created this VR experience just for that purpose, and it’s free, making it a must-try for anyone.

Cost: Free


Have you ever wanted to go down an infinite highway as you watch the trees and other stuff pass you by all the while listening to music that fits the theme perfectly? Sheaf, an artist and musician created this VR experience just for that purpose, and it’s free, making it a must-try for anyone.

Cost: Free


This one makes use of a custom engine to provide you with a lot of particles and just let you do anything you want with them. Provided with a lot of tools to interact and spawn with millions of particles, and it has a feature called “Audio Reactivity” which will make the particles dance to any kind of music you play. It also has an option to make your own scenes and save them as well, or if you want to get right at it, you can go to “Featured Scenes” to simply relax, and watch every colored particle mingle with each other.

Cost: $10.00


Ever saw one of those chain reaction machines online filled with dominoes, and other stuff? Then this app will let you create one of those, without worrying about something going wrong. Its “Sandbox Mode” allows you to build anything you want, making Gadgeteer a really cool puzzle game with around 60 puzzles to do and a really nice soundtrack that comes with it.

Cost: $15.00


It’s pretty much your casual VR puzzle game that’s like Tetris’ 3D version. Take our word for it that even though the concept is simple, it’s 60 stages goes harder as you go along. Top that with it’s black hole void-like background will make you forget every problem in the real world as you focus to finish the puzzles in store for you.

Cost: $10.00


It’s defined as a woodworking VR game, and the primary goal is to create a workshop where you can do a hands on job on measuring, marking, cut, nailing things and much more. It uses a really realistic wood-cutting program, and the program really challenges that you to create furniture and other stuff based on the tools that you can use without telling you any way on how to do it. 

Cost: $20.00


It’s like having your own DJ Station with a step by step instruction on how to be a real DJ, but if you want to explore it for yourself, you can actually take the training wheels off if you’d like. IT really lets you in on your hidden musical creativity and talents even if you don’t have any in real life. It has around 80 tracks to play around with, and each of them comes with a custom kit for different instruments, backtracks and a whole lot more. For the Steam and Rift versions, there’s actually a multiplayer mode so that you can party with your friends. The SteamVR and OculusPC versions can’t have multiplayer done on different platforms so you and your friends need to have the same platform to jam with each other. Almost all of the tracks are heavy on the EDM genre with some songs that are a bit lighter as well. 

Cost: $20.00

Drops: Rhythm Garden

It’s more focused on the musical side since it makes the different shapes that you place do different sounds when it’s struck with some falling balls. And since you have an infinite number of falling balls to go with it, you can construct a symphony like Beethoven or Mozart as you add a lot of new shapes and create numerous paths as you play along. 

Cost: $5.00

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