Unity CEO Predicts AR-VR Headsets Will Be As Common as Game Consoles in the Next Ten Years

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According to a recent report from TheInformation, Unity CEO John Riccitiello talks about his view about the market for VR and AR in the next ten years. 

He thinks by 2030 VR platforms will become mainstream, assuming that VR headsets sales hits 20 million each year. 

His thoughts on AR is a bit different, as the current engineer are based off of the law of physics. He does expect AR to grow faster than VR, but AR still needs to resolve a lot of issues like battery, FOV, weight, transparency, and optics. 

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At the end of the day, new mobile apps and headset technologies are being developed, on the way to creating the most revolutionary industries we have witness to date that could forever change the way we live. 

VR games sold only $589 million out of the $1.266 billion total spent on digital games last year, therefore still remain a niche market. While there are lots of application beyond gaming for VR, analysts predict that VR gaming will still be the biggest growth revenue, estimating to reach $50 billion or more by 2026-2027.

The wire mechanics of PC VR gaming is still too tedious for gamers, and the lack of quality content and high price of headsets is still a barrier for the industry to really takeoff. Standalone headsets does little technical contribution tethered to play PC games. 

Users that are not interest in VR games will find VR devices useful to become a new form of social interaction. Users can be immersed in a virtual space, and VR devices can enhance the sense of realness for team collaborations and communications in the virtual world. 

As AR glasses continues to unveil, strapping bulking headsets around a person’s face will not reach the critical mass. The technologies behind it will be glasses or hats. 

One of the greatest inventions in the last few decades is the advent of smartphone, which combines killer applications such as camera, gaming, entertainment, music, utilities, and GPS systems. We will see if AR can tap into all of the above or maybe more sometime down the road. 

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