VR Bangers Bottles Sex Scents for Your Next VR Fantasy

No, you didn’t misread the title. VR Bangers, the well-known VR company is actually attempting to bottle the sex scents.

Ever wondered what a MILF would smell like?

This is one of the questions we’ll always be considering because SmellVR, an actual VR headset that’s combined with a scuba-looking mouthpiece is actually combining immersive porn visuals with the actual smell.

“You’ll definitely feel VR Porn more than ever, that’s all thanks to the scent prototype generator that we’ve designed that’s capable of working with around a hundred different scents.” as VR Bangers stated on their website. “Our patented advanced technology will actually stimulate or arouse your tactile sensations to give you that immersive experience, letting you smell your favorite porn star’s body and make you feel that you’re actually there with her in a way that in most viewers is only going to happen in a dream.”

POV Head Rig was one of the things that VR Bangers introduced to everyone. When you get the kit, they claim that it has “around a thousand scents combined into hundreds of smells”, and their site even has images of around 2 dozen small dropper bottles that look like essential oils from Whole Foods or Walmart. None of the droppers are labeled, but there are only 4 known scents that are listed, and they are as follows: Squirt Delight, MILF Sensations, Happy Ending, and Teenage Dream.

All of us including myself can really use some of the tasting notes from someone who’s already tried them, but a wild guess is that probably some of them would smell like cum, sweat, or even armpits. If you see anything with the word “squirt” on them would most likely smell like fluids from someone’s vagina, but it varies. Does “Teenage Dream” smell like a moldy basement? What would “MILF Sensations” actually be like? I’m guessing that some of these combinations would be fart-scented.

The CEO of VR Bangers, Daniel Abramovich told us that “Scents are made from different combinations of perfume and from the actual scent of women. As they age, their body gives off different smells like from their vagina, hair, sweat, and others. Each scent would have its own unique smell, like “Happy Ending” would really have a real vagina smell whereas “MILF Sensation” would be a little bit heavier, “Teenage Dream” would have a pinch of sweet-smelling perfume with a natural hair smell and “Squirt Delight” would have a minor scent of a woman squirt. We’ve spoken to some of our popular porn actresses to know what kind of perfumes, shampoos, or any other body product they use to instigate their unique scents.”

The scent/headset dispensing device combination actually looks like it’s a bundle deal, and it can’t be combined with a Vive or Oculus that you already have. Abramovich stated that it can work with cardboard VR goggles. It was sold out during the initial 500 released units, but the retail price is around $299, which includes those 4 aforementioned scents.

VR’s champion was supposed to be porn, but in spite of the positive predictions about VR porn being the “next big thing”, it hasn’t fully been realized yet even after 5 years. VR porn has its own niche in the adult industry and with companies like NA (Naught America) and VR Bangers trying to lead the way with their VR content.

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But like most VR content that’s good-quality, even porn is really time-consuming and really expensive to produce. The entirety of the VR industry for years has been dealing with the “chicken and egg” dilemma, users will always have to invest in their hardware so that VR studios will be able to afford and make a lot of better content, and with that, it’ll attract more users. But the only way to be noticed in that kind of industry that’s filled with gimmicks is to think of a better one, or simply out-gimmick everyone else.

But this isn’t the first smell to vision porn headset that we know that attempted to use olfactory arousal. Camsoda’s “OhRAma” way back in 2017 actually sent over a handful of VR-porn scents in small vials, labeled as “body odor”, “panties”, “private parts” and even “breath”. Some of us tried to carefully sniff each, and from that experience, sniffing a vial that has another person’s crotch scent that was produced in a lab somewhere is still different by a longshot from the actual sex. I’m pretty sure MILFs are pretty hard to bottle up, but anyone can try.

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