Review for Naughty America: VR Porn Site that Provides a Little Bit of Everything for Everyone

The experience we’ve had with Naughty America VR has been a positive one throughout the years, but that was until it changed the VR packages for customers which impacted it negatively. The changes were only temporary, since Naught America VR is back to its old self - a more accessible package subscription for every viewer.

A little bit over 4 years after it was initially launched, there were really a lot of competitors that showing up since VR was on the rise at that time. None of them though, have the brand recognition that Naughty America has.

And by being a better known brand, it was up to them to deliver. So how do they measure up with other websites like VRBangers, Virtual Taboo and a lot more host sites this 2021? We used an Oculus Quest when we were doing this review.

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Naughty America VR Overview

  • NAVR updates around twice per week
  • Has around 565+ scenes available
  • Max resolution is 6k
  • Boasts around 405 performers
  • 180 degree angles
  • 3GB-11GB File sizes
  • Language is in English
  • Teledildonic Scenes are available but not in VR
  • Non VR scenes included and updated regularly
  • Launched March 2016


  • Has a good selection of non-vr scenes
  • Can stream and download videos
  • Resolution up to 6k
  • Streaming quality is good


  • The trial membership that they have isn’t really a good way for anyone to evaluate their VR subscription
  • It doesn’t have any dedicated application or a virtual theatre option when watching

Naughty America VR FAQ

NAVR is owned by La Touraine, INC. Not only do they own NAVR, but other sites as well such as Tonight’s Girlfriend, Dirty Wives Club and a lot more.

NAVR was launched around March 2016 but the company itself has been around since 2001.

It has 2D, VR, and AR options if you’re looking for mixed reality.

If you want to cancel your NA subscription, you can go to the La Touraine helpdesk, login using your username and password and simply follow the cancellation procedures.

There’s a couple of pre-selected checkboxes. For example, when we tried it, a Tonight’s Girlfriend trial was already pre-selected. But you can easily tick the box if you don’t want a free trial.

A trial doesn’t provide full access to NAVR, it’ll only give you access to around 15 scenes and the trial is good for only 3 days, and only 2 of those 15 are in VR. If you’re going to get the monthly or annual plans, they can provide full access.

Website Design and Content

The site itself is okay, it’s functional enough but lacks the flare that some of the newer sites have, meaning that finding the right VR scene for you can take a couple of minutes longer. It only has basic filters to know what  you want to look for. It has the usual tabs like recommended, most recent, most popular, favorites etc.

The 565 scenes that it has isn’t that bad, and they boast around 405 performers. If you’re looking at a specific scene, you can also navigate if you click on the performer name, or any of the tags that’s on the page itself. But by doing so, it returns you to the whole menu, not just VR porn.

Yes, we know that the 565 videos that NAVR has is fewer than their other competitors, and we also know it’s not as many as those larger single site subs. But it has more than enough high quality VR scenes to keep a lot of people from watching it. If ever VR seems a bit boring to you at times, there’s around 10,000 non VR/2D porn scenes included with most of the subs in the main site of NA.

Now if you sign up for a plan that will include access to let’s say, regular porn, it can be accessed through the same portal. All you have to do is select the VR category if you want to watch VR scenes.

You can also browse through the list of performers or go straight to any of your favorite porn stars. Add them to your favorites list to keep everything in one place. MAx resolution is 6k for the much newer scenes and there’s a lot of different qualities for different VR headsets used. Even if others boasts 8K like Virtual Taboo on paper, there isn’t any difference that can be noticed for most viewers.

Before you need to download the scenes to get a better feel for it. But now streaming it is also an option since it’s either the tecn improved drastically since 2018 or the production for the scenes today are much better.

It’s also important to just subscribe to VR sites that updates its content regularly, and NAVR does that. They release new scene updates every Monday and Friday, with Friday having the “banger”, which means 3 babes and 1 lucky dude.

Average scenes are around 45-75 minutes long and file sizes are anywhere between 3-10GB. Everything is in a 180 view, so if you’re the type that likes 360 views then you can move on from this site.

If you’re okay with searching from 2D and VR scenes in 1 catalog then you’re good to go. You can also watch all the VR scenes in 2D if that’s more up your alley, but the app that you need to use no longer exists, so NAVR needs to have that option removed to avoid any confusion or misinformation.

NAVR: Headset Features and Support

NA has made a couple of changes to the production standards like going from 4k to 6k, and the ending result is a lot of VR porn scenes that are optimized for a lot of devices, from the new Quest 2 all the way up to the normal headset.

Like there’s no other virtual theatre like BadoinkVR, and no need for app download like VRBangers, these options really do bring more convenience to install on a headset like for example the Oculus GO or with Quest that requires some loading of some side porn apps. If those are things that you’d never ever like to do, then NA’s lack of being an app won’t really ruffle your feathers.

So instead of an app or theatre, you can just browse the NA website with your headset on, and stream some scenes directly or you can download them as well, which mostly delivers a better experience, which is more advisable if you’re using a mobile VR headset like a Daydream or others.

The short virtual strip club for NA is good, and the reality animations that are augmented is a little bit glitchy and just a tad bit creepy too. There wasn’t any PSVR support on the site, but was actually replaced with a set of instructions on what to do. If you’re downloading some videos, no need to worry, you can just sideload the scent and play it in Littlstar, but if you want to stream your NAVR on PS4, you’ll need a RAD paid subscription which doesn’t do you justice financially unless there’s another need for you to use RAD, but nonetheless, it’s a nice option.

There’s instructions on how you can link your RAD account to your NAVR account, and if you wanna stream on a PS4, there’s a download button on each scene in the member’s area, However the support files accessible on the very front of the site are already out of date.


1-day trial is $1.95

So like other sites, NAVR has a range of subscription packages available, and a trial but it isn’t really worth it for VR since you can access a couple of scenes only.

1 month is $29.95

This provides access to all of NAVR’s scenes and any future updates as long as you’re subscribed. It also includes the AR strippers and hologram as well.

1 year is $95.40, around $7.95/mo

This is more expensive when bought upfront but has a better difference than the monthly subscription, bring it around north of $100 for 1 year. After your 1 year is up, it’s going to renew and follow the monthly pricing, so be sure that you cancel or manually renew to save a little bit of money.

1 year + 7 extra sites is $239.40, around $19.95/mo

The bundle option has the 1 year full access to NAVR plus 7 other sites, which is:

  • Tonight’s Girlfriend
  • Milf Sugar Babes
  • Randy’s Roadstop
  • Mrs. Creampie
  • Perfect Fucking Strangers
  • College Sugar Babes
  • Real Teens VR

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During the time of lockdown with limited human contact, boredom and loneliness is something that permeates throughout the society. 

All new and existing Lovenese devices (e.g., Lush 2, Hush, Edge, and Ferri) can be paired with the Lovense app, which alongs sexual play for singles, couples, and even better now, a massive online orgy with 100 different people. 

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With a lot of content and different options for being a member, NAVR has a better offer for potential members than other sites, and being backed up by a big name isn’t that bad either, so you can be sure that updates and other things are done properly, and that’s worth a lot.

With big name performers acting for NAVR, it has a really great value for those planning to get the annual sub since NA has so much non-VR porn if ever the time comes that you get bored of VR porn, or you just don’t feel like putting your headset on. Even if sites like WankzVR offer non-VR porn, NAVR is still ahead when it comes to updating their content since it gets updates per week.

Even if there’s no app for viewing, the website is really well built. The integrated streaming is really good now, and the quality is more than enough to provide a really satisfying experience without downloading videos.

So pretty much the subscription option is really nice, but not the trial since it’s very limited. It’s for any bloke that wants a taste of almost everything rather than just VR porn videos in a particular theme. So if it’s your first time, this is a great way to start off.

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