You Will Soon Be Able to See What Your Friend is Doing in VR Through Casting

In a recent update of Unity and Oculus integration, a beta release was made to make a spectator camera available to allow developers to showcase a third-person view to enable spectator to watch on web browser or via a smartphone. 

If you would like to invite a friend to come and join your gaming experience in VR, you can cast your first-person view to your smartphone, TV, or web browser. You can do that either through the Oculus app, Chromcast, or via the Casting page. 

Despite opening up the entrance of spectators, the first-person view from VR headset isn't always the most comfortable and pleasant experience due to the cropped field of view and the motion from the person playing in VR. 

In an effort to improve spectating in VR games, some VR games on PC VR and gaming console shows the action from third person view, which eliminates the shaking head motion. In the near future, Oculus Quest developers will be able to implement similar features to their games. 

This feature may introduce the opportunity to open the door for developers to add stabilized first person view, similar to what some console and PC VR have done. Oculus also showed a previous version where spectator could even control the orientation of the camera through the smartphone, but we are not certain if this function will be released in this beta. 

Do expect that this third person rendering to have some impact on the overall performance and computing power, as certain features will surely be limited for those experiences that are optimized for Oculus Quest. 

Author: VR Reporter

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